1. A

    Technical Analysis

    Colgate-Palmolive Company - Moving Average Golden Cross @81.26.
  2. S

    Spyr technology

    According to SPYR, MVNOs are carriers that rely on the wireless networks of other carriers to offer cellular coverage through their own phone plans rather than having their own wireless networks. A technology business called SPYR creates and sells devices compatible with the Apple ecosystem...
  3. R

    What is the difference between stocks and equities?

    Stocks and equities are two terms often used interchangeably. However, there is a thin line of difference between them. Here is a detail about the pointers that distinguish between the two: 1. Equity is the value of the business entity after paying off the liabilities and is considered...
  4. B

    What is stock trading?

    Stock trading refers to buying and selling of company shares for profits or gains. People buy stocks and look for selling the same at a better price in one hour, in two days or even in a month. This contrasts with buying shares and holding it for decades and selling it for a large lumpsum...
  5. bitgooods

    Do you use a Mac or Windows for trading ?

    Some people find Mac more reliable and maybe precise, but your own trader’s skills and experience still stand. For the users of the OSs i.e. traders, it is hardly any factor. Most of them are supported by Windows (and now, Android over mobile). Some may support on Mac but if they don’t, you may...
  6. A

    Stock delisted! What do I do now?

    I bought ZENITHBIR-BE in 2018 and left it for long term. However, the said stock was de-listed from the exchange! I have shares in it and unable to sell now. :( My stock broker says I have to wait for ZENITHBIR-BE to be listed again to sell them OR they ask me to find solution on Google...
  7. N

    Total Booked P/L(Profit/Loss)

    Hi, I am a new trader and I have some profit in my total booked P/L in 5paisa app. can you tell me what is that and what can I do with it? Can I withdraw it? Or can I buy stocks with it?
  8. M

    Short Put Option

    Hi, I short a naked put option. If this option is assigned, will I be forced to buy the stocks at open market price?
  9. S

    Unable to sell stock- ICICI direct

    I bought KNR construction on 21st April on margin buy and sold it off on the same day. In the order book it shows that KNR construction was bought again where i didnt buy it. Now it is showing in my porfolio and when i am trying to sell it off , it is giving error message "Insufficient stocks...
  10. I

    The broker firm sold stocks without my permission

    Hi all, I am new to the stock market. I want to get my help in understanding, why broker firm sold my stocks without my knowledge. when I asking about it. They gave the below reply. please help me to understand this. "With regards to the concern raised by you, we have verified our records and...
  11. S

    Need list of top 300 or 500 NSE andor BSE stocks with its ID

    I need the list of top 300 or 500 NSE and/or BSE Stocks with its ID (example Central Bank=BSE: 532885 | NSE: CENTRALBK). Where can I get that list? My prefered format is excel but any another format would be helpul. Please help
  12. Y

    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
  13. ritika1124

    Which stocks are fundamentally good in NSE

    I am new in world of trading, kindly help me in this regard
  14. ritika1124

    What are some intraday stratergies

    I am new in world of trading, kindly help me in this regard
  15. ritika1124

    What is the technical analysis in commodity trading

    Want to explore about stock and commodity market
  16. Spider Software

    Make Money with Group Analysis

    Group Analysis is a method to filter Exchange's Scrips to find out the best scrips & worst scrip in the live market. There are more than 1500 scrips listed in NSE and more than 3000 scrips in BSE Exchange. It is difficult to search which sector is moving upward or downward from the bunch of so...
  17. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  18. L


    Hi Namaste, Hello to all the members of traderji. I am new to trading and stock markets. But I find this platform to be great and full of knowledge. I am confident I will gain good knowledge here. Looking forward for a wonderful journey of trading. Lalit
  19. V

    Where can I buy NSE Options Historical Data for SBI

    Hello friends, I want historical options data (end of day) for State Bank of India. I need past three/four years data. I need current month expiry data only. For example: As on today (21.08.2016) three options data is available for SBI...
  20. F

    List of Scrip Codes for all equities

    Where can I find the Scrip Codes for all equities? I can get the Tickers from the Bhavcopy but I am in need of the Scrip Codes. Can anyone please help? Ventura publishes that I need at but is there a link of NSE / BSE where I can get the same...