technical analysis

  1. H

    Complete Technical Analysis

    Hi guys, i will be posting my analysis on various stocks here...... Will be monetizing the links so that i can keep on doing this for free.... if u feel the links too irritating pls feel free to communicate so that i can change the current service provider. Expecting your support. Thank you.
  2. A

    Regarding paid softwares for technical analysis

    Are there paid softwares that can tell me which shares will go up by 10% in the next month based on "Ichimoku cloud with volume" trend? If yes, could you name some and tell me how to procure these softwares?
  3. C

    Nifty & Stocks - Elliott wave analyses - daily/ swing trading ideas

    Hi to all, I started this thread under the heading technical analysis based on famous Elliott wave thoery. Nifty and large cap stocks are analysed within 30 min time frame to get trading ideas using EW thoery and different indicators. Disclaimer : All ideas posted here are only for...
  4. OptimSignals

    How do you advice to learn technical analysis rather than fundamental in trading ?

    Is it worthy to spend money to learn technical analysis and Is really good way to depend on mostly technical and start trading slowly please provide your opinion or Buy Any Auto Buy Sell Signal Software List as Below all companies is known for to Selling Buy Sell Signal Software...
  5. TraderHR

    Stocks Ready to Break Out

    Stocks that are ready to break out and are consolidating in bullish/bearish triangles, flags, pennants, rectangles, and wedges ahead of the continuation of the trend.
  6. Y

    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
  7. R

    Is only Technical Analysis enough for commodity trading

    I am new to commodities and was wondering whether technical analysis is enough for commodity trading or not? If not, what are the other factors I need to consider while trading in commodities? For example:- If I want to trade in CRUDEOILM and my technical setup is giving me a long/short signal...
  8. B

    Help needed in coding amibroker afl and back testing for payment

    Hi i have a strategy which i have back tested manually and visually, but now i want to test it with exact numbers for past 10 years of data of nifty intraday.. so looking for some1 who is really good at it.
  9. fxmarketanalysis

    Forex Market Technical Analysis News

    Forex Market Analysis News - GBP/JPY Price Forecast February 26, 2018, Technical Analysis The British pound has been utterly massive during the trading session upon Friday, adjoining not on your own Japanese yen but several relationship currencies. At this reduction, I think that the come up...
  10. A

    Trailing stop loss

    I know that trailing stop loss increases with increasing price according to the values entered. I want to know how does it work in a short selling position. As in a shorting situation the stop loss will be higher than my purchased price, will the trailing stop loss increase with increase in...
  11. Nikhil Dogra

    Option Jobbing Business

    I am starting this thread as a public journal of my option jobbing business as well as my views about market. My overall profit target is INR 200,000 before 1st April 2019 Objective For 11th December 2017 to 2nd March 2018 :- Target INR 15000 profit before 2nd March 2018 Margin - INR 25000...
  12. S

    Portfolio monitoring service

    Divali Greetings folks I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events. I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me -- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L -- upcoming earnings events -- earnings...
  13. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  14. spn1305

    Market depth analysis

    Hey guys, I just came across the market depth window and I was pretty confused. Can anyone help me, I wanted to know how I can decide whether this stock would be a buy or sell. I've also heard people say that it can help plot S/R, how exactly do I this without a chart? I don't plan on trading...
  15. T

    Technical Analysis - Back to the Basics....

    Technical Analysis - a very basic study of the charts and few moving averages, including mainly supports and resistances, not novice but a person with good hands on to the charts and indicators, can make profitable trades in short term period. This thread is started with the aim to let the...
  16. J

    Trading without technical analysis

    Hi! First off, hats off to the people who have made this resource. Indeed it is a number one resource for traders, investors alike! :thumb: I wanted to know can you trade without the help of technical analysis. TA as the name suggests it is technical and I find myself lost in all the...
  17. S

    Trading for a Living : Is it Possible

    Hello everyone. I am Puneet and I am an active trader for the past 8-10 years (on and off). Till date I have lost around 2.5 Lakhs in the market (all because of my own stupidity), but I am not hung up on that. Right now I am Paper Trading again and am quite successful in that. As an educated...
  18. D

    Which technical analysis software is this ?

    But looking at the attached image can some please tell me the name of the technical analysis software ?
  19. M

    Nellore Group

    Dear Nellore Friends, This thread is to gather nellore traders who are interested in Technical Analysis.With this thread I am hoping we can share your strategies, suggestions, help etc. We can also meet personally if possible in future.