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    Does any vendor provides TRUE TICK DATA for NSE?

    Hi all, For tick data, I have tried trial version of true data and downloaded sample of globalfeed. 1. Truedata only provides volume and timestamp for tick data 2. Global feed provides last traded volume along with last traded price. But both of them misses to provide whether the trade was buy...
  2. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  3. F

    Real Time Data from ODIN to TXT file without Excel

    Hello All, I want to create visual basic app to read data from multiple market watched in my ODIN client. I want to write a visual basic script to simply look at all the market watches and write the data to a TXT file. I saw an old discussion here...