1. icytrader

    Required: Finvasia Nest setup version 3.14 upto only x86

    Could anyone please share any older version of finvasia Nest trader. I would like to test version 3.14 upto not the latest I am having too many issues with the latest version and want to see if the older ones were well behaved. Any help will be appreciated. X86 version only...
  2. F

    Best Trading Platform

    Propersix is strong blockchain technology. Because they are using different frameworks of blockchain technologies and blockchain-based applications and concepts to create a more secure and efficient exchange,coin and token system. It's one of the best platforms for the prestigious person.
  3. simplebuthard

    I can manage your trades for you. Hire me

    I am full time watching and trading stock markets. I would like to work for someone who want to manage his trading account. Key things: 1. I can manage any trading instruments Equities, commodities, forex, FNO or anything in the world of stock markets. 2. I can work at night too. If you...
  4. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  5. F


    Hi guys, i am a software programmer by profession for the past 5 years and interested in learning equity investments. thanks, Shivs
  6. M

    Nellore Group

    Dear Nellore Friends, This thread is to gather nellore traders who are interested in Technical Analysis.With this thread I am hoping we can share your strategies, suggestions, help etc. We can also meet personally if possible in future.
  7. R

    Hello Friends

    We all share together a common passion - "Markets" I am one of the student of the market and hopefully may find help from many experts here.. Hope to do well and become a trader...
  8. M

    Is any independent/retail trader uses algo trading here?

    I am reading about algo trading and I want to know whether an independent/retail trader can also do algo trading in india. What is the total amount (for broker fee, hardware fee etc) and materials(server, cpu etc) required to start an algo trading for such traders. I am guessing that in US...
  9. D

    Full Time Trader

    Hi, I am a full time trader into technical and fundamental investing. I do very less, intra trades, more of swing and positional trades. I also teach how to trade capital markets, for people who wish to start 2nd incomeor primary income the right way. Trade with an edge. Be...
  10. V

    New Member to the Forum and new to trading

    Hi All, Myself Vinay from Pune. I am new to trading. I have bought small amounts of different shares in different Stocks and still reading the markets. I shall be studying more to understand the market and analyze it better.
  11. D

    want to learn option trading

    Hi everyone, I am trading in options for 1 year now. I wish to make it a full time profession. I welcome your strategies for the same. I also want to know who offers least brokerage on options
  12. R

    Hello everyone

    Hi I'm Rohit Mahajan from Mumbai. Its indeed a pleasure to join you all at traderji. I'm a constant learner, passionate about sports and amateur trader.
  13. R


    I am REAL-TRADER. Experience 3 years. Commodities and equity both
  14. P

    Trading in MCX @ 250 per Crore

    Hi Friends, Which is the Best option for Active Trader ?
  15. intellibitz

    2012 New Year Resolutions

    2012 New Year Resolutions I will not be afraid to enter into a trade. I will not be afraid to exit from a trade. I will keep my losses small, for if the losses are let run it will turn into a big black hole. I will keep my profits big, but be graceful to accept small profits if the markets say...
  16. J

    the analyst in the air, the trader in the car! (Js)

    two qualities are essential to succeed in stock market- ability to analyse the situation so as to "expect" "anticipate" "predict" a "high-likelihood" price movement. please note that i didn't say "high probability". i said "high-likelihood" since majority of people can...
  17. P

    hi traders !!!

    Hi guys, i am prem working in a software industry. having passion to trade and in doing business.. need all ur help and support to learn trading .. thanks to all in advance and wish u all a happy new year ...:):):):)
  18. anirudh.patel

    Hello!!! Traders and Investors

    Hi!! I am Anirudh Patel from Indore. I have been in the Stock Market for last 2 years. I can across this forum from Google search and fould like to share my experience here.
  19. A

    Bulk deals filter by trader.

    Is there a website with page which can show the NSE/BSE bulk deals filtered by trader? Please share information. thanks
  20. TFL

    New Trader/Investor

    Hello all Traderjies, I am in financial & Software fields from more than 5 to 6 years. In these trading/investing field I have 2 years of experience. I am leaning and trying to develop more and more tweaked version of my trading system so far. I have a long term portfolio of stocks in my...