1. N

    Dividends Cuts

    Hi Traders, I just want to know that is there any website out there were I can get data of dividends cuts making by the companies.
  2. Stan NordFX

    Daily Market Analysis and News From NordFX

    Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for December 21 - 25, 2020 First, a review of last week’s events: - EUR/USD. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the most popular strategy in the market after “buy shares” is “sell the dollar”. Speculative short positions in this...
  3. H

    What are the best indicators available in forex trading?

    Besides following different type of chart analyses, for getting more sophisticated forex trading results you may also follow multiple indicators available in trading platform. Technical Indicators. Most of the traders prefer technical indicators using measuring support and resistance and...
  4. J

    Annual Report Threadbare ART

    Time for quarter 2 performance reports of various companies... I read lupin ltd report.. though the revenue changed to positive it doesnt seem encouraging. What do you suggest?
  5. Shivam DUbey

    Growth vs dividend

    Can anyone tell me what are the values in front of growth and dividend options and why such a huge difference and in some mutual funds such as Quantum long term equity fund the difference is very less and in some theres a gap of 40 - 50 points between dividend and growth?
  6. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  7. M

    Taking the time out

    Hi, I started trading about a month back. I am interested in learning about the technical analysis and other concepts here. but I am confused as trading is not my primary profession. so I like to ask you guys, how much time I should spend per day to learn these concepts and apply in...
  8. A

    Reseach Reports

    Hello All, I am looking for detailed research report of corporate. i want structured analysis of company on Financial Aspects Operational Aspects Stock Market Aspects Please suggest any good website or any research firm contact who can provide detailed report.

    [SHORT TERM] NIFTY (trade setups)

    Hi Friends, I will be posting short term analysis and trade setups for nifty index. I will keep my post brief and convey most of my analysis via charts (technical analysis). Scrip: NIFTY Instrument: Futures & Options Duration: Intraday to 5 trading days. Happy Trading, Thank you...
  10. prada

    Incisive Nifty Trend Analysis

    This thread will be useful for both beginners as well as positional traders who trade on the basis of trend with a medium term outlook. Trend analysis is an extremely tedious job and needs a lot of bits and pieces to be put together to capture the bigger picture. This thread will be focused on...
  11. K

    Need help in deciding important features of the free stock related website I'm workin

    Hi there, I have been working on some software that can predict market in realtime. While this is still under construction, I have gained lot of knowledge in recent past, and want to create a free website using this knowledge (definitely, not something that can compete with software I'm...
  12. S

    Information about Stock trading - An Article

    Stocks are paper resources that an organizations offer when they want to increase cash. When you buy a stock you will actually own a portion of that organization, so you become concerned about how that organization is doing. A share market provides services for stock brokers and traders for...
  13. ForexWatchers

    EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, Here I will be posting our Daily Forecast prediction of our Firm. The charts are easy to read and understand. If you have any questions, please do contact me I will be happy to help if I can. :) Today we expect the EURUSD to head North between the 1.33670 and 1.34099...
  14. sdalal

    NIFTY: Ready for retrace

    NIFTY DAILY CHART SOME BOUNCE BACK EXPECTED , As nifty has testing the support not one but support we are intersecting each other.
  15. sdalal

    BANCO PROD: A perfect chart for trade

  16. sdalal

    NMDC- Consolidating

    NMDC: After touching Nov low in march end,the stock is consolidating and is making situation to move up in coming days. see the chart.
  17. sdalal

    Sterlite: Narrow range

    On friday the script taken a good support from the rising trendline. But there is one more trendline which is coming down. Coming days the stock will move in this range,once break below will see panic or above will see earlier highs.
  18. sdalal

    GOLD v/s USD.: changing co-relation

    Gold -Short situation. Gold ,yesterday was volatile and played in both direction with high of 1068$ and Low of 1044.Close 1065. $1070-75 range is resistance for gold.Short Gold in current position keeping Stop Loss of $1077. Down side target is 1044,1025. May on monday and tuesday the gold...
  19. sdalal

    USD/INR: just move down

    EUR/USD Support EUR/USD has support at 1.3785. Europe is facing new challenges as After greece ,there is a talk of Spain and Portugal may come in a mess. Eur/USD may touch 1.35 in coming weeks. IND/USD ,can see 44.1 ON 19th feb: Eur/USD made a low of 1.344
  20. D

    Applications to help trade better

    Hello All, We are a mumbai based startup, specializing in capital market software solutions. We are designing a system that would help alleviate the pain points faced by every trader, to help him trade better and efficiently. We are interested in knowing the needs/expectations of the members...