1. U

    Python installation for trading

    I am starting this thread for installing Python on Windows/Linux since most traders find it difficult to get running. To begin with, I am just posting the necessary steps to get started. In case of any errors, post it along with your operating system and a screenshot of the error message so...
  2. A

    I am planning to buy advanced get in 10 days. Please help

    Hi Traders, I bought metastock software with ATM add on. 50 times in a day it hangs. Also not always rule based trading works. With few trades hitting stop loss, I decided to upgrade and found that Advanced Get is what which is left in the market. For 3 reasons I am keen on going for Advanced...
  3. N

    Algo trading software

    Hi Guys, We are a software development co based in Chandigarh and i am looking to hire a Java programmer or a business analyst to develop a algo trading platform for one of my client in Europe. Can someone help here? Best, Nitin
  4. M

    Odin Terminal

    Hello! Anyone could please suggest me a broker with Odin Terminal. Presently I am using Angel's speed pro (Odin Terminal) but now a days it is not working properly. I also had raised a ticked but they people are not able to resolve it & also not able to provide me estimate time to resolve the...
  5. A

    Website to track BSE announcement and news for a stock?

    I see the stock prices react to the news a lot like financial results or a deal. But currently, there is nothing that can deliver the alerts to me very quickly like just before anybody gets it. I mean so quickly. Is there anything like that? I want something that is free and works really well.
  6. Spider Software

    Make Money with Group Analysis

    Group Analysis is a method to filter Exchange's Scrips to find out the best scrips & worst scrip in the live market. There are more than 1500 scrips listed in NSE and more than 3000 scrips in BSE Exchange. It is difficult to search which sector is moving upward or downward from the bunch of so...
  7. Spider Software

    Spider Software

    Dear Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Spider Software and our products to all of you. Spider Software is a pioneer in developing Real Time and End of Day technical analysis software for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation...
  8. A

    Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment.

    Dear Team, Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment. I was searching a Algo software which will help me to make automated trading on MCX Commodity Future Segment. I got to know about you from Internet. I would like to know more about your software so that...
  9. P

    Free Mutual Fund portfolio tracker

    Hi everyone, I've built a free mutual fund portfolio tracker called SimpleMoney. I built it to help me track my own investments because I was quite frustrated with many of the existing solutions. My tool works by finding investments from your email inbox, and putting out all the data on a...
  10. M

    Anyone using fibotrader in indian markets

    Is anyone using fibotrader in indian markets for BSE and NSE. How can we download BSE NSE data in fibotrader. Thanks
  11. M

    Gain loss calculator

    Hey guys, while searching the web i came across this software on paste bin. Hope you like this. requires flash
  12. M

    What are the best free technical analysis software

    Can anyone name a few but best free technical analysis software (no web apps)? Software should able to get real time data from yahoo/Google finance.
  13. Nehal_s143


    Hi There is new charting software similar to NT which also support data from Now / Nest Trader to explore more about it one can download copy form arthachitra . com intro can be seen at https : // www . youtube . com / watch?v=bCFwyYqJGP0 Thanks to Aman1 sir for sharing link...
  14. K

    Software developer needed(requirements included)

    Need to develop a option analysis software to plot and tabulate the payoff for positions based on live data as well as plot a few other metrics based on option data. you need to have a understanding of derivatives. Prefer someone with enough spare time to finish it asap. PM me. c++ & excel or a...
  15. M

    Looking for trading account

    Hi, I am looking for good trading platform. I was using Kotak securities platform but one cant do proper technical analysis in their software. Basically I am looking for reliable trader which - different time frames for technical analysis - sophisticated tools like RSI, MACD, bollinger...
  16. I

    Programmer here. Need help.

    I have been a part-time (that too very occasional) trader. I am into software development. I am looking for pointers to make an automated trading system. It will be for personal use only. Currently I don't have any strategy in mind, because before indulging into that, I would like to make sure...
  17. T

    ShareKhan TradeTiger like Software for Mac

    Hello frens, I have a account with sharekhan and I use Trade tiger for charting on my windows laptop. But my office has only Macs and no windows machines. Are there any softwares like TT that run on Macs and which are not paid ? I know there are some paid charting softwares which run on...
  18. E

    Free Technical Analysis Software

    Hi everyone, i wanted to ask others about Free Technical Analysis Software. It should have all basic indicators like MACD,Force index,ADX,RSI etc with ability to change parameters and create new indicators. Ability to scan/screen watchlist based on user defines indicator parameters is vital...
  19. A

    How to begin trading on an indian exchange

    Is BSE auction or dealer market what about nse. How to place your first bid. Where do i find a good discount broker. Can i place orders online. Give me a screenshot. Any good software to analyse stock? :annoyed::clap:
  20. A

    Looking for a commodity trading software.

    hi , i am looking to evaluate a commodity trading software tha could be customised inhouse or customised for us. Please let me know if someone has or know of a trading software. Open Source is also fine. best abraham [email protected]