iPad Stock/Portfolio monitoring software

Check out SmartDerivs on the iOS AppStore. It is a free iPad application that will be useful for both traders and investors.

Supports following functions:

- Portfolio management mode, with real time PNL, including Today's PNL being shown.
- Supports both Equities and Equity Derivatives. Full support for Futures and Options, including live market data, greeks, etc.
- Realtime Watchlist where you can enter both Stocks and Derivatives instruments and see various real time parameters - including the ability to sort on any parameter.
- Ability to bucket trades into Strategies - including custom strategies.
- Set price Alerts on your stocks, and get Push Notification Alerts when the Alerts are hit.
- Get Fundamental Information like Balance Sheets, P&L Statement, Cashflow statement and Results.
- Get Charts, with support for a few Technical indicators - more to be added later.
- Real time News, both for stocks as well as the Market.
- Seamless integration with NSE Announcements page.
- Chat forum to discuss your favorite stocks with other participants.
- Advanced stuff - see greeks on your positions (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, etc), as well as useful stuff like Implied Volatility of options positions.

And coming soon - support for Commodities and Currency Derivatives as well!

The best part is, it is Free! For those of you who have an iPad, it is a no brainer to check it out. And for those of you without an iPad, maybe this is the excuse you were waiting for!

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