1. S

    Portfolio monitoring service

    Divali Greetings folks I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events. I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me -- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L -- upcoming earnings events -- earnings...
  2. G

    Providing Portfolio Management Services (Non-Registered)

    Hi Friends, I want to provide PMS to investors with a minimum investment of 5 lacs. The problem is that to get SEBI registration it is way too expensive. Is it wise to follow the exact same guidelines and do it on a smaller scale without registration with SEBI? Using a medium to long term...
  3. yuvraj737

    Who is the best broker to be sub-broker ?

    Dear friends , i am currently sub broker with smc global securities ltd. and i want to replace my broker with good one. who give good service and sharing with professional manner :thumb:. please refer if you know !!
  4. devil11

    Arrogant Sharekhan!

    It's been more than a month since I applied for converting my trading account from offline to online. But when it took longer than the promised "two weeks or sooner", I e-mailed Sharekhan. When asked about the status of the conversion process, they asked me for my account details. So I replied...