1. R

    What do you think about these returns?

    If you look at my MFs & Direct Stocks. I've done better in MFs compared to stocks. Any recommendations or suggestions for this portfolio?
  2. L


    Google finance portfolio site says portfolio feature will not be available after 15th November. This is a very useful site and all users will miss it. Request all members to inform all and take up this matter.
  3. S

    Portfolio monitoring service

    Divali Greetings folks I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events. I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me -- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L -- upcoming earnings events -- earnings...
  4. nikki5_me

    Model Portfolio stock selection

    This thread is a combination of both technical and fundamentals of a stock along with the allocation needs to be done. Firstly, I am not a tipster and also am not some "expert". I am here to learn and while learning would like to include the wise advise of all the members here, especially ST da...
  5. I

    Moneycontrol portfolio

    I plan to use moneycontrol portfolio to track my equities. When I attempted to add a buy transaction I noticed the following comment * Please ensure the brokerages and STT have been added to your purchase price I understand the reason for adding brokerage to purchase price but I don't...
  6. R

    Advice on mildly aggressive portfolio

    Hi, Please advice me on a mildly aggressive portfolio. I Intend to invest for 3-5 years via sip. My current portfolio is: ( have attached a detailed consolidated statement too) BSL Dividend Yield Plus-G - 2000 HDFC Top 200-G - 3000 ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Retail-G - 2000 IDFC...
  7. A

    How to have multiple simultaneous open position in 'Same' security in amibroker.

    hi I am trying to backtest a system which buys on certain condition being fulfilled. After taking first open position it should take new position again & again for each entry signal (even if earlier positons are still open). amibroker currently waits for first position to close before taking...
  8. D


    Dear, * I am [email protected] .I retired from my govt job few months back. I am totally new to trading , as I am a doctor ,so got no time for trading .Now I have time & money. * I want to invest some money in MUTUAL FUND sector. SIPS , in Large cap ,Mid cap MFs etc...
  9. W

    VirtualTrade 3.5

    http://wmdeveloper.wordpress.com VirtualTrade 3.5 Virtual Trading and Portfolio for Windows Mobile and Desktop USA and INDIA You can play now virtual trade in your windows mobile touch phones and in Desktop. USA Quotes will be updated every min from yahoo finance. INDIA Quotes will be...
  10. M

    Intraday Calls(NSE), Live Quotes, Portfolio tracking Software

    Here is the updated software link: FxGuru Stock Install it and simply run it. Add your scripts and it will give you calls for intraday buy/sell calls(NSE). Make profit quickly and quit. Let me know how it can be further improved. Thanks, MD
  11. premium

    Help needed on equity portfolio...

    Hi everyone! I have been building up my equity portfolio over the past few months and have invested over 15 lakhs on the same. This is down by about 1.4 lakhs at this point of time Need your expert help on analyzing the same and recommending if I should hold the portfolio or some portion...
  12. I

    Creating IDEAL Portfolio

    I wanted to create an ideal and generic equity funds portfolio where most of investors can use it. Please help with suggestions for making a ideal portfolio. 1. HDFC Top 200 2. DSP Top 100 3. Birla Frontline Equity Plan A 4. Reliance Regular Saving Equity 5. IDFC Premier Equity Plan...
  13. R

    Mutual Fund portfolio for annual cashflow

    Dear Fellow Investors, I have Rs.18 lacs to invest and I am evaluating investment strategies to create a Mutual fund portfolio that gives me a minimum annual return of Rs.2lacs per year. My risk appetite is moderate and time horizon 10 to 15 years. Would someone, in this group, like to make...
  14. M

    My SIP Portfolio -- help

    Hi I am investing Rs.1000 through SIP every month each in the below Mutual Funds HDFC TOP 200 FUND - GROWTH PLAN HDFC EQUITY FUND - GROWTH PLAN DSP BLACKROCK TOP 100 EQUITY FUND - GROWTH Can you please let me know if this portfolio look good I want to invest in 2 more MF's for...
  15. M

    My portfolio for next 3 years

    Hi all, I would like to invest Rs.70,000 to 1L in the following stocks and Mutual funds systematically and keep them for next 3 to 4 years. will it be a safe bet? Stocks: BHEL or BEML BEL LIC Housing Finance Tata Motors 3i Infotech Madras Cements Grasim Inds Union Bank of India...
  16. N

    A portfolio with 20% returns

    Hi, I am planning to invest in Mutual funds with following portfolio: 1. HDFC TAX Saver (G) - 18% 2. Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver (G) - 18% 3. Magnum Contra (G) - 22% 4. HDFC Prudence (G) - 12% 5. IDFC Premier Equity (G) - 20% 6. Open Slot - 10% Slot 6 is open as of now. I was...
  17. S

    Beginners - Portfolio

    Hello Traderjis, I'm absolutely new to trading. Today (28/05/2009) I started my trading career. I wish to know ur expert opinions about my buyings today. Actually I closely watched market using Rediff stocks and I bought these shares with my own responsibility. But I want to...
  18. A

    Portfolio Adjustments

    Hello friends, Its been a pleasure to read about some very encouraging and sound advice at this forum. I would like to share my portfolio with you guys and seek advice from you. I have following six on-going SIPs in my portfolio. TATA Infratructure Equity (G) 1000 Reliance Growth Fund (D)...