Suggestions for a good MF portfolio analyser


I've been a mutual fund investor for the last 5+ years. Can someone suggest a good website/portal which gives a holistic analysis given a portfolio?

Eg Fund performance & ranking vs its peer group, % holdings in top performing sectors, other suggestions on how I can improve my portfolio.

Thanks in advance.

It is best you consult a financial advisor who understands your goals, risk profile and gives suggestions accordingly. Having said that, I have found the resources below useful

1. Value Research - Thorough analysis with recommendations of buy, sell and hold. Only con is that it is paid (Rs 5K) - link here

2. Jupiter Money - Nice UI, easy to understand free report. Gives insights like allocation to top sectors, optimistic/pessimistic scenarios for portfolio which I've not found elsewhere - link here

3. INDMoney - Great one-view. Their commissions identifier is nice & logical. Also points out dangerous debt papers - link here


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