Options Scalping Trading journal (option.seas)

(the purpose of this logbook is to document self progress and retain records for review later)

trading duration - one year (01 jan 2023 to 31 dec 2023)

trading insturments - options ( index / commodities)

markets - nse / mcx

type of trading - scalping

start capital - 40 K

additional info:
- 'buying' options only.
- max lots that capital can buy usually (lots are dynamic and basis the cost of the ATM option)

trading info:
- time frame: 1 min / 3 min
- heiken ashi candles
- bollinger bands
- normally trade the ATM option

- will be trading this week as a practice week since was away from the markets for a few years plus need some getting used to the live markets
(got my trading account up and running already so had time to check it out over the weekend and set my charts / do dry runs and backtest)

day T/001/5:

- to trade nifty options
back up will be stock option standby on watchlist (have airtel / kotak bank / tcs for today)
- ATM is below 200 so assuming 10 K per lot ie max 4 lots to trade today
- crude options running at some 350 so will go in with one lot and revise before starting mcx abt 4 pm or so
- assuming a target of 17 pts per lot for the day (assuming mcx trading will not be required for purpose of reaching day target)
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was paper trading for the whole of last month and for the first day of the last week - took a lot of time to get back into trading shape. finally began on tuesday with the start capital at the time being 32266/-

began real time trading on the 14th and logging the same. last day brokerage has been self calculated and is a rough estimate as the account balance is not updated on weekends by my broker.

last week was asf:
traded days - 4 days
win days - 4 / loss days - nil
avg win per day 3800 ie 12 % approx and overall for week is 15234 ie 47%

will update next weekend with the results accordingly

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