1. O

    Options Scalping Trading journal (option.seas)

    (the purpose of this logbook is to document self progress and retain records for review later) trading duration - one year (01 jan 2023 to 31 dec 2023) trading insturments - options ( index / commodities) markets - nse / mcx type of trading - scalping start...
  2. Wisdom Capital

    Wisdom Capital Requests PM Intervention Against Impugned Peak Margin Circular

    Hello Traders, As you all are well aware that the recent impugned SEBI circular, dated 20th July, 2020, has taken a toll on all of us and that we, at Wisdom Capital, have challenged it in the court by filing a writ petition as well. The legal process is underway and we hope to get the unjust law...
  3. T

    BAD News for Crude Oil Mini Traders

    Hello Friends, Bad news for those trading Crude Oil Mini scrip. MCX confirmed Delisting of Crude Oil Mini contracts. 18 Dec 19 is the End of crude oil mini contract. Refer to MCX circular for details.
  4. N

    Zerodha live mcx charts vs live Real time data provider

    I am able to view the live chart in zerodha kite site but what is the difference between live chart in zerodha and live real time data provider which they are charges Rs.500 but in zerodha we can view freely only if we account please share the view on this
  5. V

    Virtual Mcx trading

    Want to trade in Mcx virtually with no investment then try this app for android
  6. A

    Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment.

    Dear Team, Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment. I was searching a Algo software which will help me to make automated trading on MCX Commodity Future Segment. I got to know about you from Internet. I would like to know more about your software so that...
  7. V

    Lost 1 Lac in mcx , need startegy

    Hi traderji members I have lost 1 Lac in mcx trading (in 2 years). I dont know what is going wrong . I have tried many strategies but doesnt work (for me atleast) . I have even use from LRC to COG waves and simple price action to parabolic sar to fractals to DOM reading and much more . I...
  8. P

    Multiple stop losses & profit targets for a number of lots while trading on MCX?

    I have a strategy for MCX commodities. How can I automate it? Let's say I limit buy order for crude oil at 3000 with 4 lots with sl at 2990. I want to sell 1st lot at 3010. When price crosses 3010 then I want to modify my order as followed - sell 2nd lot at 3020 (fixed sl for all...
  9. J

    hi allll

    hi friends, can you plz help me out with this,if in my trading ac with any broker ,i keep double of the amount of NRML margin for any commodity,is that a sure way to avoid margin call under any kind of price change in mcx market?for example--NRML margin for copper mini is 4000 with xyz...
  10. C

    How to get real time MCX data for charting in Amibroker ?

    Hi traders, I recently got to know about Amibroker. It seems very interesting. I want to try some strategies and backtest them with AFL codes but I need live MCX data. How can I bring live MCX data in Amibroker ? I have Trade Tiger and Nest platform already.
  11. J

    hi allllllllllllll

    what is the best reliable brokerage house in india that provides trading over the phone facility for clients? i mean the client would call the dealing team to buy or sell the commodities in mcx and ncdex day trading
  12. N

    Thread for experienced professional commodity traders

    This is a thread for serious and experienced swing, intraday, positional commodity traders to discuss strategies on energy, base metals and bullions.:)
  13. N

    Want to trade in commocities

    Hello all, I want to start trading in MCX commodities with capital of 50k. Can anyone please tell me how can i make good profit in mcx? I want to learn some good profit making strategies. Thanks.
  14. S

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends, I am a new joinee at Traderji. Mainly trading in Commodities Market. Can anyone help me out with the conversion formula of gold, silver, crude, N Gas , Lead, Copper, al, zinc from dollar to Rs. presently we see in MCX. Whatever I found from websites do not match with...
  15. T

    someone plz explain this different price movement in MCX gold from international gold

    Hi All, MCX gold september contract increased from 27696 to 27880 from 10.30 pm to 11.00 pm an increase of almost 0.7 %, similar was the price movement in oct and august contracts. Whille, at the same time, there was hardly any movement in international gold price which was ranging from...
  16. K

    Hello everyone..

    Hi.. I need to learn something new in mcx
  17. E

    latest news on ctt on commodities

    Mumbai, April 12: Delays in the Budget being cleared in Parliament and in rollout of the proposed commodity transaction tax (CTT) are expected to cost the Government Rs 250 crore, according to analysts estimates. The Budget, presented on February 28, is yet to be cleared by Parliament...
  18. P

    Day high/day low in afl

    IF ANYBODY CAN GIVE, TO FIND OUT BUY SIGNAL AT DAY LOW OR SELL SIGNAL AT DAY HIGH SOME PEOPLE ARE SELLING AT 3 LAKH RUPEES , THERE IS ONE WEBSITE NAMED C O M M O S O F T I N , they are selling it for very very huge monthly If anybody posted the AFL, all traders will get benefits.
  19. E

    Important article on Ctt on commdities

    Dear sir I have found an important article on Ctt on commodities. The changes if any would be discussed in 2nd half of budget session starting from 22nd April to 10th may. Until then you can trade as in the past Thanks escon India April 03, 2013 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on...
  20. S

    commodity trading systems for MCX

    can someone pl share ( or IM ) me some strategies to Trade Silver ( MIC / Mini etc) in MCX. When to enter - when to exit. Safely in or out .I just got stumped with an ugly trade - cost me Rs 700+ what do you look at . what technical and fundamental indicators . I am looking for a simple trade...