Why do some deep OTM options increase in value while less deep OTM options dont?


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Deep OTM its obviouse you will loose unless there is 1000 pts move in your direction else its guaranteed You will loose .
so seller is willing to sell even at low premium . As there is no buying interest and low volume .

In the money option those whoever shorted option are scared what if market goes 200 pts up so they scared and cover short pushing price even more high so demand is there .Interest is there.

Option are scam . Only he can profit from them coz he is one that brings crash and he is one that bring rally.
So only he know and has plan. you me and all other will neevr make moneyin option even if they do at end of year profit loss statement will always be in negative .

You buy call you will be in loss
you buy put u will still be in loss
you sell call margin gets hit
same for put

OPtion in short are Heads i win Tales you loose

thats option.

Quit this cancer before it empty your bank.Only was to build weath is Equity Equity Equity only

Took me 13 yrs to understand i dont blame you if u dont understand lol

Late Rakesh junjunwalla Indian who made money in this Markets. why u think he has Equity portfolio . 50000 crores worth Equity .
he could have played option worth 25000 crores easily . he know hat be sure way to loose money . Equity is key :xD
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Not true !
This can be an Eye Opener abt RZ wealth creation - at-least as written in follow article:

What made him ( Rakesh Zunzunwala ) such a great trader?
I think that he had 3X our brain power. He could be sitting with you, looking at the screen, probably giving orders and yet talking about investments so he could trade, a trader’s mindset; he could be an investor, investor’s mindset and yet he could get a phone call from a private equity investor and handle something. So he excelled in three areas. He proudly said he was a trader because he made his capital through trading. How did he fund his investment? Through trading. He was a very successful investor that is what people know about but the fact is that the wealth that he has created in the last few years has been actually monetising his PE plays.

Full Article Here:

:) :) :)


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Trader yes . trader means future trader where you can roll over . mcx trade also valid.he used F from F&0 not the O lol
All option trader go broke :)
Less the brain you use more u make thats rule of stock market and same is valid for investing :xD LOL

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/h92vEr4L9xI watch the video

Lagne ne walle ki Jaeb khali Khane walle ki Tijori khali :xD says it all
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