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    Options Scalping Trading journal (option.seas)

    (the purpose of this logbook is to document self progress and retain records for review later) trading duration - one year (01 jan 2023 to 31 dec 2023) trading insturments - options ( index / commodities) markets - nse / mcx type of trading - scalping start...
  2. P

    Nifty and Bank nifty options trading

    I post all my trading here to track and control my emotion. Investment 50K Risk 10K R:R Based on call (mostly it's 1:1) I'll edit later for further details. Sent from my V2111 using Tapatalk
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    Forthcoming Economic data / Events :

    In this thread I will update about forthcoming economic data / events that can impact market movements. Members can also express their views on theses economic data. Consumer Price Index (CPI May 2021) : Monday June 13, 2022 (5.30pm) WPI(Inflation May 2022) : Tuesday, June 14, 2000 (12Noon)...
  4. G

    Historical data for Intraday Index Futures & Options?

    Hello Folks I'm looking for the historical data for Nifty & Bank Nifty Index futures on a minute level, 2+ years should suffice. I'm backtesting an algorithm and need the data for the same. Thanks Gaurav
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    can someone explain me in detail?

    what is "Buy Banknifty JUN 22300 CE/PE @ 345/350". what is JUN 22300 & CE/PE?
  6. B

    Brokers who has no restrictions on allowed strikes

    Guys, Which all brokers allow to buy cheap deep otm or itm bank nifty options ? On expiry day or any other day. In zerodha, it's not possible. I am looking for other options. Please do share your suggestions. Strategy is hero zero.
  7. A

    Delta Calculation - Black Scholes Accurate

    Hello , I am trying to be as delta neutral as possible , for weekly bank nifty options. Least affected by movement either side. Using the black scholes calculator requires three inputs : 1. Annual Volatality for Weekly Bank Nifty Options. What should this value be , and where can I check...
  8. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
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    Bank Nifty Strategy Expert advise needed

    Hi, I come across this idea while watching the nse option chain today. If i buy 25000 PE AND 25500 PE OF WEEKLY EXPIRY i.e 16 th nov. For protection(Hedge) as 25600 CE AND 24900 PE. As shown in the Excel Below. As per my under standing the Profit at the end of the contract it is 48 points...
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    Bank Nifty Futures Trading Diary

    Hey there fellow traders! Starting this thread to paper trade one of my index trading strategies.... 1. I will only be able to post the trades after the market closes. I have a full time job and won't be able to check if the system has given a signal or not. 2. Trades will be entered on...
  11. L

    BEST PARAMETER SETTINGS for SUPERTREND indicator for Nifty and banknifty for intraday

    Hi friends I am using SUPRETREND INDICATOR in MT4 for over a year now. i am not able to find appropriate settings for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for intraday and positional trading. if any one have done any research and found out any good parameter settings kindly let me know.. i need help from you...
  12. L

    Need an afl file for nifty futures

    hi friends can any one post any afl file for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY futures for intraday as well as SHORT TERM POSITIONAL TRADES... i would be great full if any of you all friends can suggest me an afl with min success rate of 60-70% Thank you
  13. D

    Bank nifty and dividends

    Hi, I want to know what happens to bank nifty index value and the futures price when a stock in the index does ex dividend? Do they recalculate the index value according to the new lower ex dividend price?
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    Hi, I am shankar. I would be interested in updates on nifty bank nifty and commodities. More than that I am very much interested in systems design, money management and trader psychology. Regards, Shankar
  15. SwayamDas

    Need help on Top PSU Banks

    Hello Friends, As you all would be knowing that once the reverse interest cycle starts PSU Banks will rock the charts! So can you provide a list of potential PSU Banks that can generate more returns than the other banks in the PSU?
  16. A

    Bank NIFTY Day Trading

    Hi, I have been using this strategy for sometime with BANK NIFTY with very good success. Here it is. 1) Wait for a doji or pinbar to form in 30 minute chart. 2) switch to 5 minute chart 3) Go long when a bull bar closes above the Doji close or pinbar body with stop loss as the Doji...
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    seeking advice on nifty, stock options etc

    Hi to everybody who seeks knowledge sharing.. The quest of wisdom always expands, so i ended here. I am a newbie who is very much interested in NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, STOCK OPTIONS etc... Just now i finished my MBA in finance.. I had theoretical knowledge abt options, future & shares... I had a...
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    Bank Nifty MT$

    Can anyone say which MT4 provides Bank NIfty as GCI gives for Nifty -Talon
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    I m interest in bank nifty anybody help me & I have Pride's Intra-Day Strategy link anybody give me
  20. D

    Bank Nifty Intraday Data Required

    Hello, Can anyone provide me with Intraday Data (1 Min or 5 Min TF) data for Bank Nifty (Spot or Future is ok). I am looking for atleast a few years of data. You can mail the same to me at prash454.ta @ Thanks in Advance.