1. O

    Options Scalping Trading journal (option.seas)

    (the purpose of this logbook is to document self progress and retain records for review later) trading duration - one year (01 jan 2023 to 31 dec 2023) trading insturments - options ( index / commodities) markets - nse / mcx type of trading - scalping start...
  2. D

    Anyone using algobaba Stoxxo here ?

    If anyone using algobaba stoxxo here then please do share your experience here, even if you are using their simple QTP for manual trading.
  3. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  4. A

    Understanding price

    Hi All, I've seen in many posts where some members say understanding/reading price is everything and most important. They go on to say indicators are not so reliable. I would like to know in detail about "understanding/reading price". Please point to some resources where I can learn more...
  5. helmet hermit

    Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

    hi all :cool: was away from active day trading for a while but going to be back full time shortly and intend to track my next 1000 trades to check if i have the discipline to make a proper living off the markets. i will be posting my trades live along-with charts and reasoning as far as...
  6. Scalper2top

    My intraday Trading

    I want to profit from small market movements taking advantage of a 1 min candle. I want to keep my graph as simple as possible and going to use some simple indicators. My check list 1. Gobal trend 2. BNF 3. Market depth 4. Movement first 3 candles of 15 min chart 5. First trade if in profit...
  7. bashasm

    Crude Oil Scalping Survival Challenge - 1

    I want to trade crude oil (mini one lot) with a capital of Rs.5000. Previously I have traded and l lost money, due to not following any system/rules. Now want to start small and hopefully survive. The challenge is to myself on how much I can last with the Rs.5000 I will be scalping on the...
  8. R

    Good broker for high frequency trading

    I want to trade in high frequency mode (100-200 trades a day) using DOM(Depth of Market) or Price Ladder. Each trade is going to be around 5-10 seconds long where I am looking to capture about 0.03-0.5% at max. I have paper traded and found this method of trading highly accurate and this is...
  9. primitivetrader

    Price Action Scalping- trading diary

    hi all, this is my trading diary focused only on price action scalping bnf. i am full time trader. i prefer to trade 75 tick or 2 min or 3 min time frame. my fav is 75 tick chart (which is not tick but as snapshot etc, but i am happy using it). will share whatever little i know about scalping...
  10. gautam7821

    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    I have opened a Zero Brokerage trading account to try scalping. My capital is 30,000 . I will stop scalping if I loose 15,000.
  11. S

    volatile stocks for scalping?

    mitro :joyful: pls share gud,volatile eq stcks which r gud enuf for scalping?
  12. K

    naked option trading?

    Hi Option traders, does Nifty naked option trading/scalping intraday makes money? just a scalp for 4-5 points? possible? what other things one should keep in mind? thanks
  13. E

    Help need for backtesting

    Hello seniors, Can one backtest this strategy Timeframe: 1 minute in Banknifty weekly options 1. After opening of market if first one minute candle is red of banknifty spot, buy ATM put in weekly options at opening price for target of 10 points and sl of 10 points. 2. After...
  14. M

    Find Unlimited Plans strategy

    Hi Friends, I have plan to option trading with unlimited trading brokerage plan. I have seen breakeven point option trade (without brokerage) 0.20-0.25 Rs. So the Nifty or Bank nifty options easily move 0.70-1.0 Rs. I hope my self easily pick the small movement with Bracket...
  15. spn1305

    Market depth analysis

    Hey guys, I just came across the market depth window and I was pretty confused. Can anyone help me, I wanted to know how I can decide whether this stock would be a buy or sell. I've also heard people say that it can help plot S/R, how exactly do I this without a chart? I don't plan on trading...
  16. P

    Learning to trade with order flow

    Hello everyone, Note to moderator: If you find this thread inappropriate for this topic then kindly move it to where it belongs or tell me and I'll repost it. Thanks for this wonderful forum - moderators and members _/\_ I am new to trading. Started last month and just recently came across...

    Energy Scalper -->Pure Price Action

    Here I am going to update my scalping trades based on Price. No Indicators, No technical, No fundamentals, No charts, No support/ Resistance levels. Will trade only in Crude oil & Natural Gas. Capital: 1lakh Lots: 2 Lots Min Target: God Knows. Duration: 1 month No positional...
  18. wabuf

    Scalping broker needed

    HI , anyone scalping here ?? which broker are you using ? assuming 10 - 50 trades to be done and fast execution i am on icici . everthing is good except brokerage charge for eg for a stock of rs 100 , 1000 shares costs me rs200 brokerage with 2200 amount .leverage is good though but...
  19. M

    Hello Myself Mayur from thane

    I am looking for Indian Market data feed from a reliable and accurate data feeds.from nse/bse/mcx... an early Help would be highly appreciated. thanks & regards Mayur
  20. M

    need some guidance with scalping

    Good evening all the traders, i am looking for somebody who could give me some valuable guidance on scalping. i trade nifty FO Awaiting thanx GN