Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

trade sf 012

decided to book loss and exit as expected breakout did not take place within my threshold time limit for the trade. i usually do not wait too long if things do not move quick and i scamper out the hole asap :D

sold 96.80 and exit buy @ same ie 96.80, was in 2 lots so 250 loss.
lost my old excel sheet which had a ton of information on the analysis. trying to recollect the things i had fed but decided not to burn my brain cells anymore. so this is what i closed the data feed with as below. this is the last week analysis.

this info is just to have a 'look back see see' kind of post for myself as my last hard drive crash took away endless info from my hard fed data. ignore the same as most of the info is not really useful normally but i need the endless junk to steer myself in the right direction and these act as pointers to a nerd scalp trader like me.

WEEK 001 A.png
WEEK 001 B.png
absolute flat today.

Trade sf 013
Took a delivery trade, buy Jan fut lot @ 96.35, 1 lot. Will square off by Friday unless sl triggers before that or if in profit will book earlier.

Edit -
inserting chart to log trigger for the trade.
20 hma overshoot
Ha getting weak
Awesome at near peak which is a sign of a pullback esp in view that the level being tested is major and momentum must increase as it approaches the barrier, not decreases like it has.
Global scenario ongoing along with shooting up crude and USD/inr may cause Bob to uncouple from technicals maybe but as from charts I see a pullback at the previous low. Let me see how it goes.

Here is the trigger on the chart

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Day 007 pre open

Welcome signs on the horizon. Sgx suggest strong open for nifty. Bob showing bulls in pre open. May exit on open rally of Bob at some 98 hopefully.
Trade 013
Was a overnight trade.
Buy @ 96.35 and exit at 97.75. safety first. Went market exit on Spike.
Net should be some 7300 I guess. Now will wait for the calm to set in before trading.
has respect for the channel on daily thus far. but with the global triggers possible right now scalping on lower time frames is best i feel.

07 jan 2020 sf 1 hr analysis.png

the 1 min is forming a channel of its own but with massive support underneath i might wait for it to stabalise and take a decisive direction on the 15 min prior trading

07 jan 2020 1 min.png
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the trade closure of the overnight holding was the only trade today as there were no clear trade triggers on the 15 mtf.
ended day sf 007 with some just that one trade and approx 7300 i guess.

the 'kicker candles' as i call them paint but no follow up on the 'kick'. anyways a few quiet days do feel soothing and are healthy in the long run. knowing how and when 'not to trade' is more difficult than over-trading and burning the keyboard out of revenge, fear, anger, fomo, etc.
the trader in one is like a baby who is seriously tougher than a monster to bring up right. the unruly kid yells, calls the world a cheater every-time he loses, refuses to play by the rules, wears a crown if he pockets one coin, etc. small kid with a big ego, no idea of how things work out and makes you wonder every now and then if this idiot is even worth parenting. but slowly like the child grows and blossoms, so does this mini-demon flower from a child-beast to a child finally akin to the evolution of a man from the monkey - slowly and very slowly, very, very slowly lol.

trade sf 014 update -

big boys are artistic trappers, lol. sometimes you have to admire them before cursing them. contra move traps are out of the blue sometimes :p

added 2 more lots short, 2 lots are delivery lots and 2 intraday. if in profit will not hold anything overnight. too volatile in these conditions to hold overnight although downside looks more or less certain as per news and TA.

avg 4 lots short @ 94.70. not too worried as this was bull trap and 20 ema on 15 min has a clear rejection so added these 2 lots. as long as 20 ema on my 15 mtf holds no worries as my sl is safely hidden at a area of value for now at least

edit - last intraday lot added as no breach of 20 ema.
avg lot holding @ 94.85. now to set sl and stop worrying. done my bit, now upto market to do its bit;)
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