Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

Edit - went away from desktop for a while and trade app hanging up, going back to the desktop. This upstock app is a pain.

Will take half an hour to get back, one of those days?? Is it?? Aagh
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Damage control in progress. Exited 4 lots buy @ 94.15
(Was in sell 2 lots @ 94.3, 1 lot @ 95.45, 1 lot @ 94.55 = avg 4 lots @ 95.40)

So I guess some 5000 net profit booked.

Delivery positions running in loss but will hold and carry out damage control accordingly over the next few days.

treating intraday trade squared off above as trade sf 014 and delivery holding as trade sf 015
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sell off after mis square off is a good sign for my shorts in holding (trade sf 015, 2 lots @ 94.10)( let me see if the data analysis holds water - never did a live test so far on that though :rolleyes: )

5000 net for the day and quite relieved honestly despite the seething rage i feel on the upstock mobile app.
was checking out the daily and 4 hrs for a quick idea of what to expect tomorrow as per TA. should be a good day from the charts.

DAY 09.png

4 hrs
DAY 09 4 HRS.png

ok guys home work done for the night. will see how tomorrow unfolds.
this is how it looks to me now after the gap up open on the 1 hr tf

trade sf 015 1 hr.png

the 4 hr trendline

sf 015 1 hr trendline.png
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no real volume except for the gap up spike. may see a small drop of profit booking, do not expect much else.
on the sidelines for today - no trades for the day so far. friday profit booking is my chance to find an exit on my holding positional trade
it finally did come and came with a big bang. was sure i was not going to square off today until about 1400 hrs or so. suddenly i began to tweak the trade and went short 3 more lots and then out of the blue decided to take a loss and call it a bad trade like i should have much earlier. my strength is scalping and i must not take a positional ever. i simply cannot hold or time the positional trades. been my dream to do so but those boots are too big for tiny me to fill in. but then how many times in the last two years have i not sworn that before?. anyway at times i feel like Prometheus. uphill, downhill, lol. day loss has bled me badly and i am just a few k's away from my self imposed 'tried but failed and give up' limit or draw-down threshold as some call it. i guess the day damage net is around 59k. back to scalping like always - poorer and wiser. the next few day of the month will be spent now making up for this foolish endeavor. hopefully i can make today's day loss back at least by the end of the month. 2 weeks to undo what one day has done. tough ask really.
trade sf 016 buy bob jan fut @ 97.5, tsl @ 97.6. will let it run and start taking big profit or let small stop loss hits from now on :eek: just 1 lot - once bitten, twice shy o_O

edit - tsl @ 98.0
10 jan sf 015.png
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