Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

trade sf 016 exit @ 98.65 (buy was @ 97.50) as small stall expected here.
net some 5500 on the trade.

i will trade just 1 lot until i get back in shape. i use 3 hr tf when i am shaky usually.
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trade sf 017 buy avg 2 lots @ 98.925 and tsl trigger exit @ 99.09
net some 1600 i guess approx on the trade
trade sf 019 -

feb 1 lot short @ 97.40 - trade as per 3 hrs ha and positional.
entry trigger - pb below 20 ema which is below 200 and awesome strength downwards / weak upwards.
no hanky-panky and panic exit this time. will either swallow my stop loss which is at an area of value or else ride the wave until clear exit on 3 hrs.

edit - tsl first and last amendment to 98.30 market exit if activated. allowed myself just one amendment of sl as botched up :eek: last positional trade else would leave it as it is and let trade run with original inputs.

tsl triggered so out of trade with breakeven, some 50 net or so :rolleyes:

trade sf 019 13 jan 2020.png

13 jan 2020 sf trade 019 channel.png
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trade sf 020

scalping short jan lot, waiting for entry

ok - 2 lots short @ 97.60 , firm sl @ 97.70 , mis so will let it run till close

exit scalp @ 97.55, not risking it o_O
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Very interesting. My observation is SMA 50 is very reliable signal even in a sideways movement for scalping - no other signal is required. Of course I am not suggesting that you change your setup. Just an observation.

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