1. N

    Systematic Intraday Index Trading Experiment

    Sometime back I saw @Raj232 post few index charts with buy and sell signal markings, highlighting the profit potential trading those signals. Many felt that it is not possible to trade it as those signals can be identified only through hindsight bias. I thought it was interesting and last few...
  2. M


    RELIANCE [500325] ----------------------------- Last Close: 2215.75 as of 28, September 2020 Type : 50-50 -Short term -vol Bull Top: 2246.9 [P + 35.6] (Upswing Alert) Bull Sup: 2225.6 [P + 14.3] Bear Res: 2208.5 [P - 2.8] Bear Bottom: 2190.6 [P - 20.7] (Downswing Alert) Weak below 2198.9 [P -...
  3. sanju005ind

    Random Ideas on Intraday trading

    Creating this thread to post ideas on intraday trading of Nifty Futures. This thread is to remind me of the trades of good ones and bad ones. so that I can comeback and refer whenever I need it. It is not a diary or journal. I maintain a trade log personally.But posting it here is easy with...
  4. I

    INSIGHT- Platform for traders/investors following advisors.

    Hello traders, Imagine, how easy life would have been if the trade signal from your trusted advisor gets automatically placed in your trading account, just at the touch of a button ! INSIGHT platform is just the thing for traders and investors. INSIGHT helps you follow your trusted advisor...
  5. R

    Exit strategies for Intraday option selling in Nifty

    Hello. I've been following the exit strategy: 50% of max profit (profit) or -100% of the max profit (loss) as my exit strategy for swing and positional trades for Nifty. I wanted to know what exit strategy can I follow for exiting Intraday option selling trades ?
  6. D

    Buy and Sell yes bank shares same day but I am seeing my equity balance updated

    Hello traders, I am new to trading, and I have an account with sharekhan. Before yes bank declare the blocking fund, I did buy and sell on 13th March, 2020 but I have not selected big trade option while ordering. So it was not intra day trade, but I brought and sold 200 shares same day, now I am...
  7. S

    Volume Profile Trading Strategies

    Hello, Can anyone here help me understanding and developing strategies with Volume Profile for Intraday.
  8. helmet hermit

    Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

    hi all :cool: was away from active day trading for a while but going to be back full time shortly and intend to track my next 1000 trades to check if i have the discipline to make a proper living off the markets. i will be posting my trades live along-with charts and reasoning as far as...
  9. A

    Avoiding Short trade if a Buy is active

    In the strategy for Intraday trades below, I need only one trade active in a day. For eg. If the buy trade is active, then short trade for that day shouldn't be triggered. Similarly, if the short trade has been triggered first in the day, then the buy condition shouldn't be triggered until the...
  10. M

    NIFTY BIG Fall today ..

    NIFTY is choppy around 11800 after a EXpiry rise yesterday , a sudden fall in the making ? What do you think .. thanks
  11. M

    Trading Plans.....Open to all

    Hello Friends Starting a new thread for my Intraday stock trading plans and trade updates....
  12. O

    What can be a realistic expectation of returns from Intraday trading?

    Hi, I have been trying a number of strategies for a last few months. I backtest the data and i get some returns. But the most basic question still remains - What can be a realistic expectation of returns from trading? For example- If i have a capital of Rs 1 Lakh, then how much return should i...
  13. ajeetsingh

    Excels for Help, in trading !!!

    Here I will post some excels, which will help in taking Buy/Sell decisions and zeroing the stocks to trade. As you all know, its always better to club any system with indicators, before entering the trade and this applies here as well !!! so take decision wisely, enter only if you have atleast...
  14. gautam7821

    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    I have opened a Zero Brokerage trading account to try scalping. My capital is 30,000 . I will stop scalping if I loose 15,000.
  15. D

    How below intra-day transaction works?

    Brought 1 unit (1 Aug) -> 100 Rs Sold 1 unit (1 September) -> 150 Rs Buy 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Sold 1 unit ( 1 September) - > 200 Rs Am I making 100 Rs Profit at end of the day?
  16. T

    Trend Following or Fixed Target Percentage in Intraday

    Hey, Which technique do you follow in Intraday trading and why? Is it Fixed target or Trend following. Thanks
  17. S

    volatile stocks for scalping?

    mitro :joyful: pls share gud,volatile eq stcks which r gud enuf for scalping?
  18. V

    Trading Hours

    How much hours do you trade as a Day Trader? I can focus for nearly 3hrs to run a scanner, check the stocks and trade them. I continuosly watch the trade as it goes by. But at some point i feel i'm weared focusing too much and should get a break. I think i shouldn't continuosly watch the screen...
  19. J

    My Stocks Intraday View

    For May 21 2018:
  20. R

    Anybody have any good strategy for trading gap up & gap down?

    Hello everyone. Does anybody have a strong and robust intraday strategy to trade gaps? This has baffled me for months now and I still haven't cracked it.