Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

next hurdle is the 103.25 and if that breaks then it should go up at least to 104.25 at least where the next struggle sets in.

as per my charts 103.25 at least should be tested today (as per 15 min ctf analysis)

an hourly candle opening above 103 will be a strong bullish sign

just my 2 cents as per my charts o_O
analysis 01 jan 2020 1040 hrs.png

same chart - weak volume presently. just to get an idea of the action underway and the recent past
vol chart 1 hour 02 jan.png
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exit trigger activated @ 103.2 so out of trade

net for trade sl 007 is some 3500 i guess (both lots exit). not a bad day. shutting terminal as do not want to over-exceed expectations both ways - good and bad. win small and lose smaller is the mantra.

good day all and good luck
Trade sl 008

Could not resist breakout scalp
Buy 103.75
Exit 104
2 lots traded

Some 2000 net for the scalp, not bad
Good going ,..

U reminded me of my old days trading , where I was used to enter with big qty , take a scalp ,.. exit within a minute or two... and take profits home.

But a word of advice, scalpers normally give up all the gains of months in a day (i have been through that, and then later on i became a better scalper by doing some system adjustments).. So be tight with ur stops and feed them, dont wait to exit at par in case of loss.

:) happy trading
Hi trade to learn,

True. You could not be more accurate, direct and anymore truthful.Scalping is like walking on a knife edge. One wrong trade like you said can bleed the guts dry.

But this is all I know. I tried holding and I cannot. I need a quick in and out. Yes, it is dangerous and I am very cautious of the bottomless pit below. I have been hit and hurt before, it is very damaging to the account and confidence. Let me see how big the loss on the horizon is. I hope I can contain the bad trades. I am trying to get into hybrid scalping or swing trading the 5 min chart but tweaking it a bit yet.

Good trading to you
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Just got free as was held up in some errands.

Trade sf 008

Buy @ 102.5 and exit @ 102.5 so trade in loss. No Breakout and it did after my exit, lol. Was a 1 lot trade.

Loss 200 on the trade.
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Trade sf 009
Just not my day today
Sell 3 lots @ 101.60
Buy 3 lots @ 101.55

Some 500 net from the trade. Glad to close the day in green even if it is just 300 or so. Got to live through these days I guess. Done for the week, shutting down terminal.
Saved screenshots of data to feed in but did not do so yet. Will do the same on Monday.

My broker transferred all funds from commodity to my bank account (was told some quarterly sebi requirement) and I have not transferred the amount back as yet. So traded just stock futures this week. (Last traded crude was Monday if I recall right).

Anyways just the Skelton analysis of the week in stock futures.

Trades of the week

Have reached trade 023 as per my fancy target, lol. Aim is to cover 20 effective trades per week or so. It was an alright week as per target set.


Edit -
capital start of week 239000
Capital end of week 260168
(Diff in trade sum total and actual net difference is because I use taxes on higher side and round them off)
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A quick peek at the week ahead









15 min

15 min.png

3 min

3 min.png

Most Active Call 110.00
Most Active put 100.00
Highest O.I Buildup Call 105.00
Highest O.I Buildup Put 100.00

Good week all.
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trade sf 010 -
quick scalp but trading platform hung up after i entered for a few minutes. luckily i had my tsl placed at 1 tick in profit to cover brokerage.
sell 98.45 and exit at 98.4, was in 2 lots so just scalped some 250 net i guess

trade sf 011
sell @ 98.50 and exit at 98.30, was in 2 lots so managed some 1900 or so approx

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