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  1. R

    How to choose stock for buy or short position during opening hours in day trading?

    What makes traders to decide to take long or short position in opening hours. Every stock will not be in news at the same time. Please share your opinions
  2. R

    Why traders trade non trending and choppy stocks

    There are thousands of stocks. But on what basis traders choose stocks. Someone says choose from top gainers and loosers. Someone says choose stocks from top performing sector. And all thousands of stocks have some one would be there for trading even though the stocks are not trending and very...
  3. V

    Trading Hours

    How much hours do you trade as a Day Trader? I can focus for nearly 3hrs to run a scanner, check the stocks and trade them. I continuosly watch the trade as it goes by. But at some point i feel i'm weared focusing too much and should get a break. I think i shouldn't continuosly watch the screen...
  4. J

    My Stocks Intraday View

    For May 21 2018:
  5. V

    How to stop repeating same mistakes again and again?

    Hi, I have been trading for a yr now. Sometimes i end up repeating same mistakes i did in the past. i'm following my discipline for few trades. But after that i'm become lathargic and enter the trade eventhough some of my key factors are not in the trade? How to rectify these mistakes?
  6. Nikhil Dogra

    Option Jobbing Business

    I am starting this thread as a public journal of my option jobbing business as well as my views about market. My overall profit target is INR 200,000 before 1st April 2019 Objective For 11th December 2017 to 2nd March 2018 :- Target INR 15000 profit before 2nd March 2018 Margin - INR 25000...
  7. J


    Hi, I do long term, swing and day trading full time, My first interest is day trading right now, but I am actively into all the areas. My experience has been about four years in day trading, six months in swing trading and more than 6 years in long term.
  8. R

    I'm Robinsh, a Newbie Trader ..

    Hello dear investors & traders, My name is Robinsh Kumar, a 25 year old boy from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) India and I do blogging about blogging and making money online along with some web based projects. Now I'm trying to learn about day trading in Equities & Currencies through my one...
  9. N

    Identify Price Volatility As Early As Possible With Moving Averages

    Hi all, This may be useful for some intraday traders. I'm not the better day trader. This is to identify price volatility as early as possible by using EMA Concept : If price increase, then slope of the average line should also increase. If price decrease, then slope of the average line...

    Trade Cool - Live Cool

    Hello Friends I am in the Trading business from 2 years as usual like so many of us lost money. At now getting reasonable profit for my efforts. I am starting this thread to record my trades and to improve my trading. Live Cool
  11. justliving

    Day Trading Stocks

    Hello Traders, I am new to stock market and observing from last few months. As time is allowing for me want to try day trading. After did some research I got one simple strategy which may be already discussed in Traderji. I am observing as per the strategy from last few days and it's looks...
  12. N

    My Trading Journey - Day Trading the account with ~ 1000 INR

    Hi all Traders, I am Nagappan. I'm frequent reader of traderji and this is my first thread. I'm doing data research for last 2 years and tested many strategies I crafted based on several factors. I'm still not satisfied with the result. I have enough time to do this further. Making...
  13. R


    Dear Traders, I am new to this site. I joined this site to learn about trading. I am a small scale investor since last 10 years. Lost more than earned. Mainly because I listened to the brokerage houses and tipsters. Another factor that ate my profits was brokerage. Since January, I have...
  14. _Phantom_

    Phantom's CDS Journal

    Trading Plan Starting Capital: Rs.50,000 Instruments to be traded: USDINR and EURINR Max. Risk per Trade: 1% of Starting Capital i.e. Rs.500 Max. Drawdown: 35% Expected outcome after 600 trades: Excluding commissions and other costs. Broker: Zerodha Rules Standard...
  15. amandeep86

    Why Day trading is Tough and only 2-3% are successful

    Hi Friends Had a discussion with ST da regarding success of day traders,less than 3% of total trading population are consistent day traders. This thread is dedicated to identify the challenges and problems faced in day trading with respect to trading Method ,Psychological Problems and...
  16. P

    Quick day trade in options

    Hello This is for active traders who sit in front of screen. For first hour (or 90 min) of trade just watch screen till u build a judgement of NIFTY move for next 10 - 15 points (up or down). If it is up then buy a CALL but if u think it is down then buy PUT (out of money cos the are...
  17. maheshnmahi

    Entering new world! need help on understanding trading techniques and open account

    Hello, I'm new to trading and I want your help to take some small steps to enter in trading world.:yahoo: Since I want to take it slow, I have 50K in hand and I want basically do day trading most of the time and swing if required. So here goes: I am yet to open trading+demat, so I...
  18. M

    my silver trading strategy & results

    hi traders , i am madan from ap. i have a strategy on silver & it's my own. i want to share my experience on day trading today onwards. i will update my daily trading results (profit / loss) please share your experience on commodity trading.
  19. S

    FnO Trades -- INTRA/SWING

    Hi Friends, Last Few days, I started to Share my thoughts, Charts, Trades... in a NICE and INFORMATIVE ... Manish's Thread. as there a lot of Traderji Friends also sharing their views Trades which is very Knowledgeable for me as well as Many Other SILENT FOLLOWERS. But unfortunately...
  20. eagal

    My Trading Diary

    Hi:clap: I am starting Day Trading after so much research and testing. I decided to do in Nifty futures with 1 Lakh rupees as Initial Capital from November 17 2014. I will share my progress over here. Days Completed : 01 First day earning : 2953 INR. If any body interested I am...