day trading

  1. N

    Intraday Stocks for next day

    Always loved to share , how and what I prepare for next day. Hopefully I can bring value to our community. Here I will be sharing my findings on charts.I have been trading for over a decade and it is what I chose as my profession. Trading has never been about making money, it's always been about...
  2. M

    day trading ideas for 02/02/21
  3. R

    Which strategy is best for day trading?

    Day trading is the most challenging way to do trading in the stock market. As the buy and sell orders are executed within the day, it is crucial to time the market and identify the exact entry and exit points. There are many strategies to be successful in day trading. Here are some of the...
  4. A

    In memory of Alex K Mathews

    Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when news came in about the attack on World Trade Centre. My boss Alex K Mathews and I were preparing to leave our office in Kollam, Kerala for the day when I turned on the TV to watch CNN. It showed a tall building on fire and I called...
  5. primitivetrader

    Some useful tidbits for index intraday trading

    requesting admin to close this thread.
  6. A

    Understanding price

    Hi All, I've seen in many posts where some members say understanding/reading price is everything and most important. They go on to say indicators are not so reliable. I would like to know in detail about "understanding/reading price". Please point to some resources where I can learn more...
  7. sanju005ind

    Random Ideas on Intraday trading

    Creating this thread to post ideas on intraday trading of Nifty Futures. This thread is to remind me of the trades of good ones and bad ones. so that I can comeback and refer whenever I need it. It is not a diary or journal. I maintain a trade log personally.But posting it here is easy with...
  8. bashasm

    making 10 percent a month trading?

    Has anyone consistently making 10 percent a month trading (or day trading)?
  9. helmet hermit

    Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

    hi all :cool: was away from active day trading for a while but going to be back full time shortly and intend to track my next 1000 trades to check if i have the discipline to make a proper living off the markets. i will be posting my trades live along-with charts and reasoning as far as...
  10. S

    According to a new research its impossible for an individual to day trade for a living

    I recently came across this research paper Day Trading for a Living? by Chague et al. They carried out their study in brazilian stock market. From the Paper The paper's conclusion was that it is highly unlikely an individual be profitable if they day trade for a living. Those individuals who...
  11. S

    Can you recommend free options paper trading sites?

    I am looking for free options paper trading sites if possible for indian markets. NSE pathshala used to have a good options paper trading simulator but it seems NSE removed it. Can any one recommend any free options paper trading apps or sites? Tried investopedia but I think they have disabled...
  12. timircha

    best indicator for intraday trading.

    Can any please suggest me best indicator for day trading.
  13. R

    Reliability of technical indicators for day trading

    Hello traders. I have one simple question. As a day trader, is it OK to use technical indicators if they are giving good results in backtesting? I'm applying my strategies to NIFTY50 stocks only. What other tools should I use that would improve my efficiency as a day trader? I have...
  14. R

    Does anyone look at the daily chart for day trading?

    Does anyone here look at the daily chart for day trading purposes to find the overall daily or weekly trend? How can I use the daily chart effectively for day trading? How can I use the daily chart to decide whether next day's trade has to be long or short? Is it advisable?
  15. R

    How to choose stock for buy or short position during opening hours in day trading?

    What makes traders to decide to take long or short position in opening hours. Every stock will not be in news at the same time. Please share your opinions
  16. R

    Why traders trade non trending and choppy stocks

    There are thousands of stocks. But on what basis traders choose stocks. Someone says choose from top gainers and loosers. Someone says choose stocks from top performing sector. And all thousands of stocks have some one would be there for trading even though the stocks are not trending and very...
  17. V

    Trading Hours

    How much hours do you trade as a Day Trader? I can focus for nearly 3hrs to run a scanner, check the stocks and trade them. I continuosly watch the trade as it goes by. But at some point i feel i'm weared focusing too much and should get a break. I think i shouldn't continuosly watch the screen...
  18. J

    My Stocks Intraday View

    For May 21 2018:
  19. V

    How to stop repeating same mistakes again and again?

    Hi, I have been trading for a yr now. Sometimes i end up repeating same mistakes i did in the past. i'm following my discipline for few trades. But after that i'm become lathargic and enter the trade eventhough some of my key factors are not in the trade? How to rectify these mistakes?
  20. Nikhil Dogra

    Option Jobbing Business

    I am starting this thread as a public journal of my option jobbing business as well as my views about market. My overall profit target is INR 200,000 before 1st April 2019 Objective For 11th December 2017 to 2nd March 2018 :- Target INR 15000 profit before 2nd March 2018 Margin - INR 25000...