Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

Trade cl 003

This was a breakout on the sell side. Jumped in with 4 lots and made 11 points in the trade. Hesitated a bit as was unsure if it was a trap.

Shutting terminal now. Overall some 4400 net for the day. Day net is 4.4 %. good start to crude and was lucky to spot the breakout.

Good night all, hope you guys had a good day as well.
Trade sf 004 -

On buy Bob Jan fut as per 15 min ha today (double bottom) as wish to cut down trades to 2/3 for day max. Testing 20 ema but strength is upwards as per my chart for now as long as 20 ema holds below which my sl lies
exited trade sf 004

Net some 2800 I guess, not bad. Made me sweat though.

Lesson learnt - there is something called divergence, lol
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shutting terminal. volume fading out. might as well call it a year, lol. 1.22 % for the day. no complaints i guess.

a very happy new year to all the folks out here. :clown:
Just waiting for Bob to break 20 ema on my 3 mtf and will go long then.
If breaks will enter long around 102.25 or so
Trade sf 005
Bob buy 102.25 and sold 102.38 (avg) was in 4 lots, a tiny scalp. Breakout did not happen so out. Some 2200 net I guess
Trade sf 006
Traces of bullish breakout on my 15 min ha set up but maybe a tough struggle around the 20 ema before it does. (Must break 102.75 as per my set up on 1 hour to begin strong upmove)
One lot positional buy @ 102.55.

Edit - decided not to hold overnight so squared off @102.6. so this turns out a break even trade.
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Trade sf 007

Long Bob Jan fut @ 102.85. as per my chart signal on a buy trigger.

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