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This is good add on product for any broker ecosystem and typical what are your charges for any sell side integeration of your solution with brokerages.
Hello GoCharting,

I cannot express my gratitude towards your contribution to the Indian trading community in simple words. I have been using your platform for 14 days now and am really liking it. But, i have the following questions and concerns. Could you pleas e address them?

1. As per Indian Timings, when will the EOD data be updated? Because i see that even after 10 O clock in the night EOD data is not updated. Does it depend on free vs premium plan?
2. Are the Market profile and volume profile values like VAH, VAL, POC accurate? This is not to disregard your work, but want to be on safer side. I have used AFL's, Python API and other software for Market Profile earlier, but values always differed. Bell TPO and Fin Algo seemed to be accurate. But now i don't have access to them. Are your values as accurate as theirs?
3. Can the Data cost be still reduced or more symbols be added to the existing package? or a modification like for 50$ i can subscribe to 100 symbols of NSE alone can be done?
4. Do you have any referral scheme?

Looking forward to become your premium subscriber


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Piloting with Bank Nifty in a couple of weeks.... Wait is almost over...near the finish line
Finish line is 7 weeks due. :mad::banghead:

Pls add a MA to vols.
Which data pack should I subscribe to if I want to view one chart each of Nifty spot, Nifty-I, Nifty bank spot and bank nifty-I?

ATB, :)


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i've subscribed to data packs, .... now i'll demand even more customisations.

Where's the Order Flow ? :cool: