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i would support it on the fact that it would avoid beginners who have no idea of market betting on the wrong bet only for the sake of leverage. a lot of household cash might have vanished into air because of this.. and some have lost themselves.. even myself, had i simply invested my initial capitals on any random Nifty 50 stocks, it would have given handsome return at least at the recent peak.
There will be beginners every time ..if you are not doing day trading taking leverage and happy about it its not for you to talk about it either..either brokers should disallow new account openers for 1 year not to trade intraday leverage then so they have enough time to know that.
Hello Team

I have been using fyers web for a while . The UI is quite good and I'm quite satisfactory with the overall performance. However I would like to add few suggestions on order execution features, I'm not sure if this can be implemented but please have a look on future updates.

Is it possible to set hotkeys kinda features on fyers web for oder modification and creating new orders ? It should be something like hot keys for entering with one click, exit half when I press another hot key, finally exit full when I press another hot key ? This feature would be really interesting if it comes alive. Hot key feature is being currently used in some devloped markets. Hope this could be implemented soon on NSE as well

Will be waiting for your earliest reply

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Hey Pavan,
Refer this article for Hot-keys which are supported by the Web platforms -
Hotkeys related to execution can't be possible as of now.
Hello Fyers

Are there any special offers for Traderji members opening an account with Fyers. It seems now that there are now account opening charges and demat maintenance charges which used to free for lifetime. Would appreciate a reply on this. Further if there is no value add is there any reason to consider migrating ?
Hey @maxg,
We have introduced a small account opening and Demat fees to cover the cost of acquisition to some extent. Fyers is technology first brokerage and be least assured on the ease we provide while trading and investing with an exclusive 30 - Day challenge.