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Nice fall in market now lets see how is the recovery :)


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Taking position after 1 pm worked better. with Vix came down so came down premium of OTM bnf. got 10pts for 16lots
Nifty was hectic as usual. Short strangles/straddles aren't working as much they should do. So
,mostly going with 3rd leg strategies. Let's see if NF holds weekly low CPR
Social Media ke liye ek statement. Stock market ke liye doosra - LOL :DD

“Domestic two-wheelers registered a strong turnaround in the first half of the quarter driven by pent up demand. While the exact festive spike is awaited, early signs show (strong) indications of a recovery. Industry grew by 7 per cent in Q2 and our growth was in line with industry and hence our market share was 18.2 per cent in the first half of FY21 against 18.1 per cent in H1FY20,” Bajaj Auto said in a release.

LoL auto sector "demand rising" myth post covid...

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