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  • I have a question regarding Bank nifty option short selling? could you please help me with the Answer

    BANK NIFTY 12TH AUG 36100 CE---PRICE IS 335.
    but practically it is QUANTITY*PRICE = 25*335 = Rs 8375.
    and I short (BANK NIFTY 12TH AUG 36100 PE) it at price 335
    Question 1: If after 1 hour price decreases by 10% to 301. how much will be my profit
    Hello Sir,could you please provide me advise on how to create a custom index of stocks. Basically I want to create a custom index of stocks and chart them so I can do TA
    Hello Sir , I am beginner and want to learn intraday trading. Right now I am only buying Reliance shares. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong . PS - I am 13k in loss but wanted to go into profits. Apart from reliance I brought BEL and Coal India
    Hi Sir,

    I am trying to trade using Intra day and only in large cap markets as I am new to trading. I would request your advice on few of the best stocks on which I can set my sight for practicing intra day trade . Presently I am using only Reliance as a share and using only small amount of capital to have limited losses.
    I am asking this as most of the images in Oscillators thread are missing, mostly due to image hosting provider has deleted them, so if someone has downloaded them, it will be more useful. Thanks, Nutjob.
    @Smart_trade, This is my First Post. I am new here and seek your guidance. I am going through your thread on Oscillators and Subhadip's thread on Pivot trading, is there any other thread you would like to recommend for starters? Also, I saw few of the threads are available in downloadable formats, so can you point me to downloadable links of your threads, if available?
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