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  • I am asking this as most of the images in Oscillators thread are missing, mostly due to image hosting provider has deleted them, so if someone has downloaded them, it will be more useful. Thanks, Nutjob.
    @Smart_trade, This is my First Post. I am new here and seek your guidance. I am going through your thread on Oscillators and Subhadip's thread on Pivot trading, is there any other thread you would like to recommend for starters? Also, I saw few of the threads are available in downloadable formats, so can you point me to downloadable links of your threads, if available?
    hi sir can u pls help i have a afl which i want someone to convert it into mt4 version ..please

    2. Rule says that we should get our accounts audited if profit is less than 8% of turnover. say my total capital is 10k and am in net loss of 2K. Then as per law i should get my accounts audited. That means a trader with a capital of 10K will have to pay 5-6K to auditor to get the books audited ? Or am i missing something ?
    I have following question regarding Income Tax for Traders. Can you please clarify.

    1. How should we arrive at 2 Crore of turnover. Should we add Turnover of both Speculative Trade(Intraday) and Non Speculative(FnO) to arrive at final turnover or both of them are calculated separately ?
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