1. r.amvarman

    Pure play psar for nf and bnf.

    Hello all, I tried Backtesting PSAR (0.02,0.2) for below inputs. 1.NIFTY 2 Hrs.(Profit 85%, largest profit 500, largest loss 75) 2.BNF 4 hrs. (profit 67% largest profit -1758, largest loss-638) It gave me very good result for 120 days (using Pi - I dont have Amibroker to test beyond 120...
  2. K

    Swing trading with BNF

    Holding shorts from 12724 levels. SAR (Stop and reverse) for current short is 12726
  3. TraderRavi

    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Dear friends, starting this thread for NF trading. Note : Thread name edited on thread starter's request (06-08-18)
  4. jallanankit

    Question for all.!!

    This may sound very lame for all here.. Is it so very difficult for getting 5 points or 10 points in a scrip like BNF future everytime?? 2 to 3 trades per day..!! (Even on a flip a coin method) I was away all this time from markets and after having trying a return back, I am looking for...