1. soft_trader

    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading - Part-2

    Oh! got it. It is the patch for windows 7. I have once installed that that patch, but after installing that NOW used to hang every now and then so reinstalled NOW without that patch. Since then, NOW working great!! :cool:
  2. J

    Hello Everyone

    Hi I am Jordan Schleider from USA. I am new here and I have joined this community to gain some new experiences of trading. I am glad to be a part of this forum.
  3. kingsmasher1

    Need advice from seniors: Should i stay off market after this loss? Really?

    Dear Seniors, Need help. I am a day trader, and should say, relatively good at it. I had been in continuous profit for 3 consecutive weeks. Last time i traded, when i was off-sick, suffering from food-poisoning and entered a wrong trade, and went for a huge loss which i also posted in...
  4. B

    What forex or binary trading software is free?

    Hi, For the past few weeks I've reading a lot about those auto trading software that can help you gain money and it seems software is free. Their websites mentioning you don't need any experience. Has anyone tried any of this and can you recommend one? Boris
  5. A

    Trading Basics (free pdf)

    Hi friends, it's been long time here and traderji is the place where the best traders hangout! I want to share you a PDF about trading basics which I added some topics over time. There is a free pdf and please take time to read it, thank you...
  6. MewarLion

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat A

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat Account Children below the age of 18 years in India are considered as a Minor. Yes, both demat and trading account can be opened in the name of a minor child. The account will be operated by a guardian...
  7. pannet1

    If you are trading read this

    Quarterly settlement of funds & securities How do other brokers facilitate traders to abide by this.
  8. S

    looking for a good exit strategy

    Hello fellow traders, i have been a trader for a long time and i am creating a custom formula for myself in amibroker. i have been successful in creating a good entry strategy but i am looking for some suggestions from you guys for a good exit strategy as well. Reason is, the current exit...
  9. R

    I'm Robinsh, a Newbie Trader ..

    Hello dear investors & traders, My name is Robinsh Kumar, a 25 year old boy from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) India and I do blogging about blogging and making money online along with some web based projects. Now I'm trying to learn about day trading in Equities & Currencies through my one...
  10. A

    Excel sheet trading

    Hi I am creating a excel sheet for trading (intraday and max 4 days holding), I will share the file once it's created! I want the formula for identifying bullish stocks and bearish stocks in realtime as i have only 4 values. open, high, low, and LTP. if anyone have inputs , please share...
  11. K

    Software programmer seeking help to learn Algo-Trading

    Hello Guys, I am hardcore programmer majorly worked in .net, c#, socket programming, cloud, MSSql and other core technologies. Having 20+ years experience in programming and developing software architecture, now i want to contribute to algo-trading with my development skills. Please...
  12. S

    Trading going on on Saturday? Bizarre!

    Who can explain it to me why this trading activity goes on on weekends? Is this data coming from NSE servers? Not the first time I have noticed. Here's the link to the video and another video here
  13. pulkit55

    POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India

    Comparisons, Discussions, Opinions on Best Broker I am a Beginner with 0% Experience. Looking for Customer Friendly, Easy to Operate, BEST Trading Broker Please Share your Experiences, Recommendations Here (For any Broker you Like). Please Take Part in Poll Too Thanks in Advance
  14. pulkit55

    Beginner in Trading | Need Guidance

    Hello Everyone, My Name is PULKIT :clap: I am Interested in Trading but with 0% Experience. I have many Questions like which Broker to Choose, How to choose Company to Invest etc. :confused: I would Really Appreciate all Replies Here :clapping: Thanks in Advance :thumb:
  15. B

    New to trading - few queries

    Hi I am new to trading. I dont have any demat account till date. Planning to open one with rksv securities . Is it worth to open demat there ? Is there any option to get the initial fee of 300 rs waived . I heard if i sign up through referral or through partner links , fee is waived - is...
  16. M

    Which brokers in India provide email, SMS or both based stock alerts?

    I want to know whether any Indian brokers provide email/SMS "complex" alerts for stock buying and selling. For example Buy alerts for SBI (daily close price above 200 day moving average) and selling alerts for SBI (daily close price below 200 day moving average) OR (current price is more...
  17. H

    amibroker syntax error 30 . please help

    Hi guys , I am trying to change the bar color on amibroker , but they always give me the syntax error 30 . could someone help me identify the mistake pls ? Code 1 : SetBarFillColor(IIf(O <C, colorSeaGreen,colorOrange)); Code 2: SetBarFillColor(IIf(C>O,ParamColor("Candle UP Color"...
  18. M

    Amibroker VS NinjaTrader

    Which of these is better, Amibroker or Ninja Trader. Many argue that NT dis better cause it's free. But let us, for a moment, assume that Amibroker is also free. Both softwares free. Which one would use and why? Regards
  19. A

    Commodity Renko charts

    Hi Members, Please help me find a charting platform where I can get renko charts for commodities. My focus is on copper. Thanks all.
  20. N

    Thread for experienced professional commodity traders

    This is a thread for serious and experienced swing, intraday, positional commodity traders to discuss strategies on energy, base metals and bullions.:)