1. M

    How trading is different from investing ?

    how trading is different from investing and which one is more profitable?
  2. R

    Share Trading performance

    Hi can anyone suggest a method of evaluating performance of share trading. I mean how to find Rate of Return or CAGR when shares are bought and sold throughout the year. I am not starting with a fixed capital I will buy and sell shares as per signals generated.
  3. S

    why trdrs losing if

    y so mny trdrs losing (me also) whn trding is so Eazzzy ;) plot X sma/ema/wma, tek all trds in ma direction
  4. K

    Intricacies of forex trading and systems. Let's discuss.

    There are a lot of members here who have been trading forex since quite some time. And all of us have experience and knowledge that'll only increase by sharing. I tried to find a forex thread for strategies / timeframes / risk management and various things but only found a few which were...
  5. G

    Break even for my portfolio

    Hey guys, I am new here and newbie in stock market. I have just started trading. I have purchased 4 shares @83.25 (BALRAMCHIN),3 shares @121.55 (GSFC),5 shares @69.95(SAIL) (all NSE trades). Broker charged me (delivery) Rs.1.59 ,2.32,1.34 per share respectively. They provide brokerages @0.3% for...
  6. Shivam DUbey


    The good thing about knowledge is that the more you spread the more you get. If you are correct people admire you If you are incorrect people correct you. Either way you are the one who gains. KEEP SHARING. THANK YOU.
  7. Shivam DUbey

    Indian stocks & Indian ADR

    Guys which one does trade earlier- Indian stocks or Indian ADR. For eg: trade in ICICIbank tades first or ICICI bank ltd (ADR) ? Can someone please help with the same.
  8. Shivam DUbey

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?
  9. madank

    Thoughts on "The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!"

    Dear all, Lets have a discussion on the topics posted in this thread. Looking forward to some valuable and fun-filled comments/discussions.
  10. 5paisa


    There are two types of brokers found in the market when it comes to trading. What are the differences between the two brokers?
  11. B

    Need affiliates for program

    Hi everybody, Affiliate program is looking for new affiliates. If you are looking for additional ways of earning, you can join it. Also, this can be your full-time job. It pays high CPAs from 200$ to almost 500$ per action. go directly to the website and sign up.
  12. soft_trader

    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    Oh! got it. It is the patch for windows 7. I have once installed that that patch, but after installing that NOW used to hang every now and then so reinstalled NOW without that patch. Since then, NOW working great!! :cool:
  13. J

    Hello Everyone

    Hi I am Jordan Schleider from USA. I am new here and I have joined this community to gain some new experiences of trading. I am glad to be a part of this forum.
  14. kingsmasher1

    Need advice from seniors: Should i stay off market after this loss? Really?

    Dear Seniors, Need help. I am a day trader, and should say, relatively good at it. I had been in continuous profit for 3 consecutive weeks. Last time i traded, when i was off-sick, suffering from food-poisoning and entered a wrong trade, and went for a huge loss which i also posted in...
  15. B

    What forex or binary trading software is free?

    Hi, For the past few weeks I've reading a lot about those auto trading software that can help you gain money and it seems software is free. Their websites mentioning you don't need any experience. Has anyone tried any of this and can you recommend one? Boris
  16. A

    Trading Basics (free pdf)

    Hi friends, it's been long time here and traderji is the place where the best traders hangout! I want to share you a PDF about trading basics which I added some topics over time. There is a free pdf and please take time to read it, thank you...
  17. MewarLion

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat A

    Can Minor open the Demat and Trading ? Everything about Minor Investment and Demat Account Children below the age of 18 years in India are considered as a Minor. Yes, both demat and trading account can be opened in the name of a minor child. The account will be operated by a guardian...
  18. pannet1

    If you are trading read this

    Quarterly settlement of funds & securities How do other brokers facilitate traders to abide by this.
  19. S

    looking for a good exit strategy

    Hello fellow traders, i have been a trader for a long time and i am creating a custom formula for myself in amibroker. i have been successful in creating a good entry strategy but i am looking for some suggestions from you guys for a good exit strategy as well. Reason is, the current exit...
  20. R

    I'm Robinsh, a Newbie Trader ..

    Hello dear investors & traders, My name is Robinsh Kumar, a 25 year old boy from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) India and I do blogging about blogging and making money online along with some web based projects. Now I'm trying to learn about day trading in Equities & Currencies through my one...