1. algorial

    Hiring 2 Manual/Discretionary Traders

    Fellow Traders, Algorial is hiring 2 Manual/Discretionary Traders in Indian markets (Nifty/Stock Futures/Commodity) for the month of April. Interested traders to revert back with their profiles at [email protected]
  2. M

    Is this real 2000% profit in 3 months in indian equity

    I have come across this CNBC awaaz programme regarding samcos ITL winners. The first prize winner of this competition(Jyothi) has made a profit of 2000%(approx) in 3 months. She carried out about 1933 trades and mostly in day trading equity-delivery (according to her husband part2). Do you think...
  3. S

    what kind of share are best to begin with

    As a novice to stock market, I would like to know what kind of share to start investing in or focus on?
  4. S

    Hiring for startup Hedge fund in New York

    Senior Equity Trader/VBA Programmer We are looking for a senior equity trader that has a strong background within US securities. Primary responsibility for this position is to execute daily order flow for our customers while trading to achieve best execution, minimize market impact, and...
  5. S

    Contra Trade

    Has anyone heard of a Company called Contra Trade? Their website is They charge about Rs 175000 for 7 capsules of coaching sessions. Any one has a testimonial or any kind of experience with these guys? Rgds SS
  6. M

    Is it possible to become rich by trading

    I am starting this poll to find out whether a retail investor(a common man) becoming rich by trading in indian market is a fantasy or reality. This voting is for those people who have become rich themselves by trading or knew those traders personally who became rich by trading. Please no...
  7. F

    HDFC Securities: Intraday charts

    Are intraday charts using candlesticks & durations of 15,20, 30 minutes provided on HDFC Securities trading platform? If yes, could anyone kindly post a screenshot or two? Thanks.
  8. A

    AFL coder required (Amibroker)

    Hi, I need a coder for Amibroker (AFL) for part time engagement. We are located in Delhi, however the projects can be done remotely. The candidate will be handsomely compensated for their effort. Interested candidates should PM me at the earliest. Thanks Arjun
  9. A

    AFL coders required

    Hi, I need a coder for Amibroker (AFL) for part time engagement (on going projects). We are located in Delhi, however the projects can be done remotely. The candidate will be handsomely compensated for their effort. Interested candidates should PM me at the earliest. Thanks Arjun
  10. M

    Becoming a millionaire or corepathi in india by trading is a fantasy or reality?

    Warren Buffet life is a best example for rag to riches story. He started by investing meager amount and now he is one of the most richest man in the earth. He is only a few number of such individuals who become millionaire by trading in US but in india I came across only Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and...
  11. M

    What is the purpose and advantages of different lengths of contract in futures

    If we buy a future stock or index in India we get three different length contract options, currently its 30 july, 27 aug and 24 sep. can any one tell what is the purpose of using 3 different length contracts instead of one? Is there any advantage or dis advantages of using short and long term...
  12. M

    Can anyone provide reallife futre trading examples

    Derivative trading are the most confusing trading available in the market . I am learning myself future stock trading using nse pathshalla. I was in the opinion that future stock trading is similar to stock trading but while paper trading only i came to know that its not the case. I have gone...
  13. M

    How gain loss calculated in future stocks

    I am doing future stocks paper trading in nse pathshalla. I have one long and one short future stock. The last time i checked (yesterday afternoon) my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) is -6000 rupees today morning when i checked my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) is -15000 rupees? what is...
  14. M

    What are the best free technical analysis software

    Can anyone name a few but best free technical analysis software (no web apps)? Software should able to get real time data from yahoo/Google finance.
  15. M

    Technique to gain from equities market

    Is there any site where i can get nr7 stocks for tomorrow,, and also profit/loss gained from previous nr7 stocks ... and nr7 history not only nr7 but all other techniques too
  16. R

    Regarding short term trading

    I've checked a few recommendations like Ratnamani metals & Tubes, Genus Infra, PNB, etc which have given good returns when holded for about 3-4 days instead of intraday. Can anyone guide me to a resource where I can learn about fundamental analysis of a company. This would help in investing...
  17. A

    NCFM certification

    need advice on NCFM certification Hi, Which NCFM certification is useful to get a job as equity research analyst? Iam thinking about Technical Analyst. Are there any other certifications? My education background is engineering.What are my chances of getting a job related to trading and...
  18. N

    Hello dear trader friends

    Hi, My name is Nilesh Bohra. I have been trading for past one year. I am full time trader. I am a demand supply trader and generally prefer swing trading. I am happy to be part of this talented community. Thanks, Nilesh Bohra.
  19. B

    Trading Guidelines for Me

    Trading Guidelines A great reminder against over analysis, and useless thinking process involving should / would / could have type of thinking. By Nifty Nirvana Blogger Smart Trader (Niranjanam) Thanks
  20. C

    ODIN - OI Chart settings

    Hi All Please let me if there is any option in ODIN for creating charts using open interest instead of price. If yes please let me know the settings to implement. Thanks in advance. Chris