1. DiwaliCrackers

    Sector Advice

    Dear All, I am new to this market and i want to invest some bucks here. But want to know some information regarding which sector(power, infra etc...) is good now for invest for mid term. I am specially interested in Small cap and mid cap. currently i invested in Power Grid FPO(17 lots.) How...
  2. U

    Amibroker for NSE

    I am new to Amibroker 5.30. I want the best/perfect formulae for (NSE/BSE) for generating buy and sell signals for the NSE. I prefer trading with a weekly targets. The formulae (AFL) should be able to generate targets also. Can you please help me with this ?
  3. H

    Possible to buy/sell shares directly (without a broker)?

    I'm new to the stock market and I wonder if there's a way to buy/sell shares (on BSE/NSE) without going through the broker route. I want to bypass the brokerage, is it's possible...
  4. A

    Mobile sell shares on mobile???????

    Hi..i have an online account with ventura..but you know i can't sit in front of computer for too long as i have other works..thats why i want to buy sell shares on method to do this would be like this if your broker provides browser based trading i.e trading from their website..then...
  5. D

    CSV as i/p for trading orders

    Hi fellow traders. I am just curious to know if there is any brokerage in India who takes order CSV file as i/p. The file may have different fields like Stock Symbol, target buy price . targer sell price etc.. It will be very helpful if you are making some technical...
  6. gauharjk

    Opto Circuits Futures. I have a short position with high losses.

    Opto Circuits 30 day average was 270. - I shorted 1 lot of 1000 shares @286. But it kept going higher. So, to average out I shorted one more lot of 1000 shares @306. Right now, I am stuck...
  7. Tradejack

    Trading on Tips?

    Hi to all,this is hemant khatri.I have started the thread to ask all the traders those who trade on trading tips provided by t.v. Channels (viz. Cnbc awaaz,zee business,ndtv profit,.)& millions of websites and their question is- Are the tips really works?if u have any opinion...
  8. B

    Question on ... Custom trading software dev & data feed

    Hello friends, I am developing a minor analysis platform more suited for individual investors with JAVA. Till now this is used for US market and pulls data, allows some analysis as well as prints reports etc. I am now customizing it for India market and I have few basic questions. 1. In US...
  9. X

    XTB India - Online Trading

    Hello everyone! It’s great to be in touch with traders of India in To clear out, why X-Trade Brokers India Team decided to appear on this forum, let us give you some introduction below. At the same time we want to stress that our posts will not have an advertising aim and no...
  10. N

    Automated trading in NSE or BSE?

    Hi I was checking out the possibility of automated trading in NSE or BSE. I went through the posts and most of them says its illegal in India but most of the post are around 2 yrs old. Can anyone tell me abt the current situation in India. Is it illegal for softwares to place trades in...
  11. N

    Nifty Live Crossover System

    Friends, Has anybody of you tried the nifty live crossover system? http:// www /live-cross-over-nifty-trading-system_12.html What are the good points and drawbacks of this system. It seems more of like a positional trading system. Your comments? NiftyTrader
  12. B

    How to make Day trading work when broker (Kotak) charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs. 800

    Kotak charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs.800. How to make day trading work? Hi, I need your help in understanding if I am being charged correctly and how to make day trading work. I recently purchased 100 shares of 'Bank of Baroda' at 730.5 and sold them 738.67. I thought I made a cool Rs...
  13. R

    any one living in us(NRI) and trading indian markets?

    hello traders, is there any one in this forum living in usa(NRI) and trading indian markets?
  14. R

    trading partner needed

    hi guys, this may seem weired but i'm looking for a trading partner(not trading money partner) for sharing my ideas and his ideas as well every trading day over skype or yahoo msgr and mutually benefiting each the way I live in usa and if any of the active traders in the forum are...
  15. N

    Traders see big money in software-based trading

    Algorithmic trade accounts for a fifth of derivatives volumes on NSE. Algorithm trading, or programme trading, common in the US and Europe, has swiftly gained ground in India over the past year, as volumes picked up after the crunch. Algorithmic trading uses strategies that exploit...
  16. J

    Amo trading

    While giving AMO (after market hours trade )Trade orders are not executing because after giving orders there came a message "Administrator is not allowed to place AMO orders. Order Rejected". Tell me what is the reason for this rejection. Also tell me what is the rules for AMO Trading. Kindly...
  17. S


    hi friends, I am new to this site. I have been investing since 1982; more seriously from 1988. Lost almost entirely my saving of 5 years during the Harshad Mehta period of 1992. Never gave up. Kept on investing. Now I feel that one should just keep investing; not sell. Important thing is...
  18. V

    Trading as Business

    Dear Members, I would like to start 'stock trading' as a business, either independently or by making my own fund (may be Hedge fund) to invest in Capital market (Cash & Derivatives). Can you suggest, whether working as independent trader or as LLP, would be better. And what would be the legal...
  19. T

    What is one most important lesson of 2009?

    Hi All, 2009 was an extremely strange and trying year for stock market investors. It started with 'fear' as the buzzword. Stock prices across the world were on their way down. Investor dumped their holdings as if the stock was a dirty word. Now as we close in on 2009, fear seems to have...
  20. A

    Gap open or close what it mean for traders

    Sometime a stock gap open or close. If stock is on uptrend and gap open high with good volume that a strong signal. Same true for downtrend.