1. N

    Traders see big money in software-based trading

    Algorithmic trade accounts for a fifth of derivatives volumes on NSE. Algorithm trading, or programme trading, common in the US and Europe, has swiftly gained ground in India over the past year, as volumes picked up after the crunch. Algorithmic trading uses strategies that exploit...
  2. J

    Amo trading

    While giving AMO (after market hours trade )Trade orders are not executing because after giving orders there came a message "Administrator is not allowed to place AMO orders. Order Rejected". Tell me what is the reason for this rejection. Also tell me what is the rules for AMO Trading. Kindly...
  3. S


    hi friends, I am new to this site. I have been investing since 1982; more seriously from 1988. Lost almost entirely my saving of 5 years during the Harshad Mehta period of 1992. Never gave up. Kept on investing. Now I feel that one should just keep investing; not sell. Important thing is...
  4. V

    Trading as Business

    Dear Members, I would like to start 'stock trading' as a business, either independently or by making my own fund (may be Hedge fund) to invest in Capital market (Cash & Derivatives). Can you suggest, whether working as independent trader or as LLP, would be better. And what would be the legal...
  5. T

    What is one most important lesson of 2009?

    Hi All, 2009 was an extremely strange and trying year for stock market investors. It started with 'fear' as the buzzword. Stock prices across the world were on their way down. Investor dumped their holdings as if the stock was a dirty word. Now as we close in on 2009, fear seems to have...
  6. A

    Gap open or close what it mean for traders

    Sometime a stock gap open or close. If stock is on uptrend and gap open high with good volume that a strong signal. Same true for downtrend.
  7. D

    Nifty Swing Trading

    Lets start Nifty Swing Trading entry level for First trade is 5120. Buy above 5120 and sell below 5120, review ur level till EOD be on right side at closing time.
  8. M

    Want to learn trading.

    Hello All Gurus I am software professional and have been investing in market since last one-two years but not regular. All are like investments not trading. Most of the investments are made when the market was on high levels. I have not been investing since last 5-6 months. I only invested...
  9. S

    Tata Securitites Demat and Trading Account

    Hi Guys Anyone have any info on Tata Securities as a Trading Services Provider. They have some good bargain for this month on opening a new account. Has anyone got some hands on experience on their trading platform and other services? Or any other details we should know of? Cheers...
  10. S

    Tata Securities Demat and Trading Services

    Hi Guys, Anyonw have any update on Tata's service in the area? The rates are very competitive under the offer that is running only for this month. Need to know if anybody has a hands on experience with their services Cheers, Shubham
  11. G

    Suggestion on trading & opeing Deemat A/c

    Dear Traders, i have just started my own sub-broking firm in sheshadripuram, bangalore with "Angel broking" & i welcome u all to join me on any discussion or query related to trading. i feel with my limited knowledge & exp i will b able to help many new person in this field & able to solve...
  12. vipin.kumar05

    Trading or gambling.

    I have been pondering over this for quite a long time. How is trading different from proffessional gambling? The proffessional gambler also knows what to play much is his losing appetite and his returns. Why this question arose in my mind is because ..gambling is addictive..and...
  13. K

    scrapping the STT

    well there has been media reports that in the coming budget , Government might do away with STT ,:clapping: what are your views guys ? , would it influence the trading any way?
  14. V

    How to start giving sub-brokership

    Hi, I am having a BSE/NSE ticket... now want to expand the operations of my trading activities all around by giving Franchisee/Sub-broker ship. Anybody around to help me in this
  15. S

    Beginners - Portfolio

    Hello Traderjis, I'm absolutely new to trading. Today (28/05/2009) I started my trading career. I wish to know ur expert opinions about my buyings today. Actually I closely watched market using Rediff stocks and I bought these shares with my own responsibility. But I want to...
  16. A

    Trading in global markets.

    Can somebody let me know that how can one trade in the foreign markets like CBOT and NYMEX from India. Is it permiteed? If yes, what all broking firms provide such services?
  17. A

    Trading as a small firm - Questions

    Hi, I want to start a company for financial services. I've few questions.. 1. Can I trade using my company name, acc? 2. How tax will be calculated? whether as individual or as SME? 3. Can I use my internet usage, trading expense as business expense? 4. Do I've to get any kind of...
  18. biswalsurya

    Query about Sharekhan

    Anyone there, who can tell me about sharekhan trading merits and demerits ???
  19. Surama

    If There Is A Will, There is A Way!!!

    Hai Friends, I am Surama, from Trichur, Kerala. A good part of my time spent in the Middle-East since 1980 to 2004 as Exe.Secretary/Admn. Manager/Personnel Manager with different construction companies in Saudi, UAE and Bahrain. It was good old days to remember! All of them were of...
  20. S

    Risk in selling share at Obligation ?

    Hi friends, One of my broker told me the following. "If you sell shares in Obligation and if there is a payout shortage for the buy quantity (i.e shortages from the exchage) then your sell trade can get short auction which could be settled anywhere between 0% to 20%." What does this mean ?