Volume Profile Trading Strategies


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Volume at bottom of chart displays trades for given period (candle) while Volume Profile displays at what price most action has taken place. It is totally different than Traded volumes. Just do a google search you will get all the needed information.

It is nothing different. As I said in first reply to you, it is the same. Volume displayed on x axis and volume displayed on volume profile are not different. It is the same volume count, depicted in a different format.

you see, different types of charts like candle stick, Bar charts, Point n figures etc... where the same price data is presented in different formats, the same way, volume profile is another format of showing same volume data in a different way.

once you understand its logic, there is no use of volume profile, as you can visualize its output from normal volume on x axis.
Hello, Can anyone here help me understanding and developing strategies with Volume Profile for Intraday.
@XRAY27 is a member here on TJ who trades Positional/Swing as well as intraday using MP / VP

Besides the usual stuff like NPOC etc, he has devised some clever use of Rotation Factor (RF), etc

You can check out his thread, it's closed for further interaction but has all the info
you need to checkout if profiling works for you.




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I'm not talking about Volume that is displayed at the bottom of the chart, Volume Profile is different than traded volumes.
Thank you for asking. I think big candle at any price means more people found resistance/support near to that price level for the given time period, which may again act so if price again reaches there.


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Does anyone know of any web-based charting tool/trading platform that provides Volume Profile indicator? I see that Upstox Pro and the ChartIQ based charts on Zerodha Kite have it, but the volume bars only represent overall volume - not buying and selling volumes separately. Stockcharts.com has such a feature, but the drawback here is that it only has daily and weekly timeframe charts and smaller intraday timeframes are available only with a paid subscription. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thank you!

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