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    I'm confused between SIP and Mutual funds.

    What's the most profitable yet secure option out of the two? How can I get started with it?
  2. M

    SIP: Information on Portfolios

    Dear experts.. My age is: 31, I have 7 SIP accounts whose details given below.. Would like to seek expert advice on how these are performing and whether need for stop and switch to new funds. All are monthly 4k investments. DSP BlackRock Small and Mid Cap Fund (G) - Start Dt: 12-Sep-2014 -...
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    Hi from kdotb

    Hi I am new in market. Is this a good place to ask basic questions about Mutual Funds? I have few introductory questions which need to clarify. Regards,
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    Mutual fund portfolio analysis

    Hi everyone, I have below mentioned mutual fund (SIP and lump sum) and their amount. Can anyone please verify if my portfolio looks good or do i need to add/remove any mutual fund. SIP DSP BlackRock Small and Mid Cap Fund (G) 1000 Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G) 1000 Kotak...
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    Regarding closing SIP after 1 year

    Hello Everyone, I have few queries related to closing SIP after exist load limit i.e. after 1 year completion. Suppose If I have investing 2000 rs in any mutual fund through SIP from 1 year.Can i add lumpsum amount in the same sip at any time as a additional amount and sip of rs 2000 will...
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    Lapse Policy

    Hi, I have some hdfc SL crest policy, which is paid once only and it has lapsed...i was told i will get refund only after 5 years...with 4% interest.... Can anyone please suggest ...can i get this refund before the stipulated time or any best alternative solution.... Thanks, rahul
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    Request: SIP Strategy Suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking to invest through SIP route in Mutual Funds with a 15-20 year horizon. Requesting from fellow forum members who have invested in SIP for at least 10 years. Kindly enlighten me on the following. 1. Could you share details of the MF scheme you invested and gains made...
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    mutual fund

    Dear Sir, I am in SIP for the below three MFs from last three and half an year. 1) Reliance equity opportunities fund- direct plan-growth option.Rs.2000/pm 2) HDFC top 200 -growth plan-Rs.2500pm/- 3) DSP blackrock small and mid cap fund-growth plan-growth option.Rs.2000pm/- my total...
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    Myself Saurabh, Experience- Advanced Intersted in Stocks quick profit. Hello, i am now looking for few stock option which i can use as SIP when market is down & accumulate them in staggard way, hope to find relevant solutions on the same.
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    Art of Investing in MF

    Mutual Fund (MF) is an ideal investment vehicle. understanding this simple product sometimes become complicated due to excessive loads of information. To make it simple, MF is like your provision item that you buy every month. Whenever you spend some money, save some money as well to compensate...
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    Mutilple Amt SIP Returns Calculation

    I am investing in MF for quite a time, with the help of the agent. I am investing from 2007, I want to know exact returns(Including Dividends received). I started with Rs 1000/ month, then after 6 months I changed it to 1500/month again after 6 months I changed to 2000/month. So How do I...
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    Termination of SIP and unit redemption

    I am paying SIP amount of 2k on monthly basis. If I stop paying SIP after one year can I still able to hold the units and sell them later . Say In 2013 my total asset value is 26k after paying one year in SIP . now I want to stop my SIP value but don't redeem my units. I will do that when...
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    To invest in MF in SIP mode.

    Hi I am planning to investing Mutual funds through SIPs. I have a few doubts about it. 1. Can i increase the SIP amount without cancelling my existing MF? eg: If i start with a sip of 500/month, can i increase it to 1000 after 6 months? 2. Can i change the asset allocation...
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    Transfer sip from ICICI direct to fundsindia

    I have already started a SBI sip in ICICI direct and now only I am seeing it after 1 sip that there has been a charge of 33 rs for monthly sips. I have started a new account in the funds india and have activated now . I want to cancel th sip that I am having for SBI in ICICI direct and would...
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    Staring an investment in MF

    Hi All I'm a newbie to the world of investing and would like to know the best options in MF. Currently I need a monthly income plan and a growth plan. I can invest a maximum of Rs. 5000 - 7000 a month. I've looked around and come with these options: SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (G)...
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    Disadvantages of SIP

    Hi, although SIP has many advantages like promoting disciplined investing, I'm trying to figure out the disadvantages of investing through SIP(Plain SIP, where your money is debited from your bank account every month or so). I thought of a few. Hopefully you guys could add more to this list...
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    SIP calculator

    Plan your SIP investments, for your better financial future,Use this SIP calculator to ascertain the monthly investment required to achieve your financial goal at a specified rate of return at the end of 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 30 years. Share your reviews about this SIP Calculator
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    Can I show SIP to save my tax?

    Can I show SIP to save my tax like insurance policy? What is the difference between tax saver fund and growth funds?
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    Selection SIP aggressive funds

    Dear All, I am 27 years old and looking to invest for long term in mutual funds via SIP. Since it is on a long term, I am thinking of an aggressive selection of funds to invest The investment amount is ~15000/pm. I have already invested 3000/pm in HDFC Top200(G) At ValueResearch, the...
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    Please advise on my Portfolio

    Friends, I am an NRI who have accumulated the following MF. I said accumulated because I have never seriously studied what I am investing in till date. Every time I visit India, some one will get me to sigh up for one. Current portfolio: Mutual Funds & Investment every month (SIP)...