Transfer sip from ICICI direct to fundsindia

I have already started a SBI sip in ICICI direct and now only I am seeing it after 1 sip that there has been a charge of 33 rs for monthly sips.
I have started a new account in the funds india and have activated now .

I want to cancel th sip that I am having for SBI in ICICI direct and would like to transfer to fundsindia .
Funds india will accept the folio only when there is no active sip going on .

My question

I can see a cancel / modify options in the ICICI for the sip.also I have got a folio number for the schema that I have opted for the SBI mf.
Also I think this is the same folio number linked to the actual SBI mf amc because with this folio number in ICICI I was able to login in SBI mf site and view all the details

So if I cancel the sip in ICICI direct will it affects the folio .
I have paid the sip only one time so if the cancellation happens the amount will remain with that folio itself and then using the transfer option in funds india can I get the Same folio in funds india from ICICIdirect and start a new sip over ther ?
Is ther anything that I need to do in icicidirect other than doing cancelling?

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