Regarding closing SIP after 1 year

Hello Everyone,

I have few queries related to closing SIP after exist load limit i.e. after 1 year completion.

Suppose If I have investing 2000 rs in any mutual fund through SIP from 1 year.Can i add lumpsum amount in the same sip at any time as a additional amount and sip of rs 2000 will also be continued?

If yes , then lets say I have added 50000 RS. as a lumpsum amount in same sip just before completing 1 year, as that mutual fund return is around 20% for theat year. So can I close my SIP after completing 1 year considering I will not need to pay exist load amount as I have completed 1 year.
So will I get return of 20% on my whole sip amount 74000 rs i.e. 2000*12 +50000= 74000. ??
SIP is just a form of investment. All exit loads apply from the day of the purchase of the unit. So there is no relation between SIP vs exit load. All you have to see is when the unit was purchased (look at your statement) and from that day onwards the exit load will apply for the duration (e.g. 1 year).

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