mutual fund

Dear Sir,
I am in SIP for the below three MFs from last three and half an year.
1) Reliance equity opportunities fund- direct plan-growth option.Rs.2000/pm
2) HDFC top 200 -growth plan-Rs.2500pm/-
3) DSP blackrock small and mid cap fund-growth plan-growth option.Rs.2000pm/-

my total payment till now is Rs,2,79,500 and present value is Rs.4,47,500 a total profit of Rs.1,47,000.
after three and half years. Still I am continuing the SIP.
now, please suggest me..

1) if i can take the profit amount( actually there is no need for me now)or this profit is adjusted in my units as mine are growth funds.
2)I want to continue SIP further for 3 more years or so.
3) how can I benifited from this profit amount.

if I take back my profit what will happen, if i don't take my profit how can i be benefited. can my units increases. please explain.

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