1. S

    Mutual Fund Distributor

    Hi friends, If you have queries about Mutual Funds, please let me know. I will try my level best to answer your queries. Happy Investing.
  2. d2thdr

    Mutual fund focussed on Agriculture

    Hi, I feel Agriculture will be the next booming sector globally and I would like some information on mutual funds which invest primarily in agriculture. Could anyone direct me towards the right information on agriculture mutual funds?
  3. M

    My SIP Portfolio -- help

    Hi I am investing Rs.1000 through SIP every month each in the below Mutual Funds HDFC TOP 200 FUND - GROWTH PLAN HDFC EQUITY FUND - GROWTH PLAN DSP BLACKROCK TOP 100 EQUITY FUND - GROWTH Can you please let me know if this portfolio look good I want to invest in 2 more MF's for...
  4. M

    Remove broker from existing SIP

    Hi, I have couple of SIP running from 2 years in different Mutual funds. Due to some reasons and couple of different instance, I am not happy with the quality of service of my broker\agent. I dont want to stop my SIP, but I want to remove my broker from the future installments. The...
  5. H

    First steps in the world of stock market!!!

    Hi All, I am very excited to step into the world of trading. Have been a member of this site for abt 4 days, and am already amazed at the wealth of experience and knowledge that this forum can boast of!! To someone like me, its like learning basic science from Einstein!!!! :) Abt me and my...
  6. K

    SIP Date + Lump Some VS SIP investing in Tax Saving

    SIP Date + Lump Sum VS SIP investment in Tax Saving I know its very hard to time the investment in mutual funds by selecting a specific date for SIP.But still since we have to choose a SIP date given in the form.I am just curious what all others members had opted for..! I request...