Selection SIP aggressive funds

Dear All,
I am 27 years old and looking to invest for long term in mutual funds via SIP.
Since it is on a long term, I am thinking of an aggressive selection of funds to invest The investment amount is ~15000/pm.

I have already invested 3000/pm in HDFC Top200(G)

At ValueResearch, the aggressive portfolio they advice is
HDFC Equity & Fidility Equity - 25%
DSPBR Micro Cap and IDFC Premier Equity Plan A - 15%
and rest in BSL Dynamic Bond and AIG World Gold.

Please advice me regarding this portfolio. Is it prudent to go ahead with this?

Thanks in advance
An aggressive portfolio does not have 60% in gold and bonds. Am I reading it correct or is it 25% in each fund and 15% in each fund respectively?

I am a little older than you at 31, but I am 100% into equity. I plan to bring more Gold into my portfolio till about 15% but its very low right now.
HDFC Top 200/Equity are both excellent. I say both but they are managed by the same fund manager, have the same portfolios and differ in 5 yr returns by ~ 1% as of today. I'd pick any one of the two.
Fidelity Equity tries hard but never really broke into the top 10 which is where I would pick my MFs from.

I agree with the other two. I would allocate more into these funds if you want to be more agressive.

Why BSL Dynamic bond and AIG World Gold Fund?

I recognize the need for keeping a secure amount which is not affected by the stock market prices on the day but do not confuse that with investment. That's an emergency cash stockpile which you should be able to access when you need it. Let that grow until it will cover your day to day expenses for a few months and then forget about it. Don't think of that in your investments.
As for gold, AIG Gold fund has investments in gold mining stocks which is again speculative. I would prefer a straight ETF which is plain old gold. Just open a demat/trading account and buy your gold at the days price.


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