1. P

    Which could be the best online broker for me.

    Hi All, Have seen some of the posts here ,about bokerage and services. Still i am confused which one i should go for. Here are my details. 1)Would be better to be accessible over IE (So that i can manage everything from office too :D) Would be playing with delivery (equity) mostly...
  2. G

    Golden Falcon

    hi friend I expect SBIN will rise tommorow may be with a initial dip. Once it starts going up there may be no stopping:)
  3. E

    Stocks and F&O Data on Excel?

    I have seen some tools that feed data from Yahoo and Google to Excel. Or tools that have scraped data from NSE/BSE website or other sites. But pretty much all these tools give data for Equities only. None have Futures and Options data. For F&O, pretty much the only options are expensive...
  4. D

    Eod & Ieod data downloader

    hi , i just developing a utility to download eod and ieod data from free sources. features: 1) Downloads NSE EQ & index EOD files from nseindia.com and store them in 2 folders as nse eq and nse index 2)Downloads NSE FUT & OPTIONS EOD filesfrom nseindia.com and stores them in 5...
  5. RKSV

    A look back at 2011 Turnover

    Hi everyone, We wanted to share some of our research on stock equity and derivative volumes for this past year with the rest of you. We hope you find this information useful. Let us know your views and thoughts in this forum. Hopefully you find this useful and we can keep adding more...
  6. PutFuture

    Hello Members

    Hi, Wish you all a very happy and profitable 2012. Just joined this wonderful forum of like minded people. Apart from learning, excited to share my trades and strategies with you guys. Briefly about myself: Based out of Pune, Maharashtra. Trade Commodities - Crudeoil, Nifty Index...
  7. V


    Can Anybody Guide Me How TO Find Arbitrage Stock For NSE-BSE Arbitrage ? Please Share Your Idea If Any . Everything Is Useful To me. Discuss Arbitrage Opportunities Here.
  8. Nehal_s143

    Nifty Daily Volatility

    Hi Friends I want to know how Nifty Daily Volatility is calculated, is there old data available for Nifty Daily Volatility or any afl available I tried with smart-finance method but the values are not matching with nseindia.com values Regards Nehal
  9. A

    Market Reversal Date Part 14

    Declaration Date....... May be wrong.......But make a note....... Reversal Day for Market is from 4th Oct......... May see a reversal.......... One may do there own study before taking any positions......... The Results would be updated on the date...... Dont take this as a...
  10. T

    Historical Split/Bonus/Div/Rights data

    Hi All, I am developing a tool where I need historical split,bonus,div data in a usable format. My current data source is NSE website. Their corporate action data is csv file is not in any standard format (It is a mess). If you have this information, for your software/tool can export it...
  11. Nehal_s143

    Intraday NSE Nifty Trading

    This system looks interesting, only for member who obtain training from them worth Rs. 15,000 anybody has this afl ? please share http:// www .youtube. com/user/valuetechnicals Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. E

    Economic Nerd

    I am an analyst working on NSE Futures, Mcx INDIA. I usualy take pivot levels for all NSE FUTURES STOCKS & INDEX + on MCX INDIA I take levels for GOLD, SILVER, COPPER & CRUDE. On LME only GOLD & SILVER. On Intra day basis *************
  13. S

    Hakija: A free NSE End of day data downloader

    Greetings!, I would like to introduce my new software Hakija, to all the TraderJi members. Hakija, is an opensource(free with source code available) NSE End of Day Data Downloader written in Python. No other installations like .NET framework, Java anything else is required. It downloads...
  14. S

    Hakija: A free NSE end of day data downloader

    Hi everyone, Hakija downloads daily EOD (End Of Day) data as well as historical data (past EOD data) for NSE EQ series and also the main indices. (NSE NIFTY, NIFTY JUNIOR, NSE MIDCAP, NSE MIDCAP 50 , VIX, NSE IT, NSE 100, NSE 500) The data is directly downloaded from the NSE servers and...
  15. E

    Financial Technologies vs NSE

    FT had approached the Competition Commission of India against the NSE - with respect to NSEs treatment of ODIN software, its handling of currency derivatives segment, and also with regards to its position on MCX-SX. On 2 of these 3 issues, CCI has come out very strongly against the NSE. All...
  16. M

    intraday trading

    Hello to all Traderji members, I am Prakash , not new to trading , have some experience with intraday trading Equities . I came across this forum via google and found this very informative . Special thanks to all the senior members contributing to the forum Regards
  17. G

    Fresh NSE EOD Data from 1st jan 2006 till 29th Sep 2010

    Hey Guys, I've download the latest copy of the NSE EOD data today just wanted to share with you. The data is from 01-01-2006 till 29-09-2010 The current data structure is bit different from the older one.. current columns contains (as on 29/09/2010):-...
  18. M

    Intraday Calls(NSE), Live Quotes, Portfolio tracking Software

    Here is the updated software link: FxGuru Stock Install it and simply run it. Add your scripts and it will give you calls for intraday buy/sell calls(NSE). Make profit quickly and quit. Let me know how it can be further improved. Thanks, MD
  19. M

    Portfolio/Script Tracker for NSE/BSE

    Hi Guys, Here is one small software util that will help you to track your portfolio/scripts from NSE/BSE. -Auto-refresh (No manual refresh needed) -User can save the portfolio to local file system and next day while running the application, can load the saved portfolio. [Updated] Now you...
  20. W

    NSE Bhavcopy viewer

    Those who view the EOD Bhavcopy from NSE (PR.zip), may find NSE Bhavcopy Viewer (NBV) useful. This utility combines data from multiple files in a convenient way. Initial cut; for Windows; requires .net runtime 3.5 to work; tested on XP Pro. Download link. (Authentication username is nbv2tr...