1. N

    Flash Traders's NSE bhavCopy Downloader

    How to Install and use : Quickly download bhavCopy files and import them to Amibroker with the help of this small utility . It can be downloaded from my telegram channel https://t.me/FlashTraderIndia . Don't forget to subscribe to my you tube channel and the telegram channel and hit the like...
  2. C

    We complained against a broker on nse website and escalated to arbitration but NSE rejected.

    We complained online on nice plus - nse grievance portal - broker responded and without even reading in detail NSE closed the complaint so we escalated to arbitration and arbitration dept closed/rejected complaint and gave 2 reasons . 1. We did not sign the statement (yes it was a mistake) 2. We...
  3. A

    In memory of Alex K Mathews

    Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when news came in about the attack on World Trade Centre. My boss Alex K Mathews and I were preparing to leave our office in Kollam, Kerala for the day when I turned on the TV to watch CNN. It showed a tall building on fire and I called...
  4. trendtrade

    NSE Stocks Bhav EOD Data Files from 1995 to Current Date

    Hello friends, I am sharing the NSE Stocks Bhav EOD Data Files from 1995 to 30APRIL2021. Download link - https://gofile.io/d/qThQgz The password for the zip file is @NiftyTrader12 Thanks & Regards
  5. A

    Stock delisted! What do I do now?

    I bought ZENITHBIR-BE in 2018 and left it for long term. However, the said stock was de-listed from the exchange! I have shares in it and unable to sell now. :( My stock broker says I have to wait for ZENITHBIR-BE to be listed again to sell them OR they ask me to find solution on Google...
  6. S

    ITI surges 15% on 12-fold jump in Q3 profit; co's net worth turns positive

    The organization detailed powerful income with a more than 12-overlap hop in the combined net benefit at Rs 168 crore in the December 2019 quarter of the current financial year (Q3FY20) Portions of ITI flooded 15 percent to Rs 106 on the BSE on Tuesday after the organization detailed vigorous...
  7. R

    Does any vendor provides TRUE TICK DATA for NSE?

    Hi all, For tick data, I have tried trial version of true data and downloaded sample of globalfeed. 1. Truedata only provides volume and timestamp for tick data 2. Global feed provides last traded volume along with last traded price. But both of them misses to provide whether the trade was buy...
  8. bivu

    How some companies don't submit quarterly results when it is mandatory for NSE?

    Hi everyone, I recently experienced some points when researching some companies on fundamental basis. I see some companies don't submit there quarterly results to nse but as I know it is mandatory to all nse listed company. Please somebody explain me the truth behiend it.
  9. trendtrade

    NSE Tick Data - Best Offer

    Hello Friends I am looking to purchase the TICK Data for NSE "Futures and Options Segment" which will include the tick data for all the futures and option contracts that are traded at NSE on a daily basis. Such data is being sent in the evening emails to the respective subscribers of GFDL and...
  10. S

    Need list of top 300 or 500 NSE andor BSE stocks with its ID

    I need the list of top 300 or 500 NSE and/or BSE Stocks with its ID (example Central Bank=BSE: 532885 | NSE: CENTRALBK). Where can I get that list? My prefered format is excel but any another format would be helpul. Please help
  11. T

    NSE EOD Tick data

    Hi All, I would like to get EOD data for nse stocks everyday. Kindly suggest me the options available. Both paid and free options are welcome. Thanks in advance, San
  12. trendtrade

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009 Nov 02, 2018, 07.46 AM IST High trading volume seems to be driving the stock market amid a significant fall in the delivery of stocks. The...
  13. trendtrade

    Database Programmer needed on Payment Basis

    Hi I am looking for some programmer who has working experience in Microsoft SQL Server Database. I need to get some queries designed for NSE Stocks and FnO Stock Market Database. The queries are not complicated. If you have good knowledge, then you will be able to design these queries easily. I...
  14. A

    Zerodha Platform Technical Issues

    I incurred losses today due to technical server connection problem between Zerodha servers and NSE. After getting notification of this issue on the Kite platform i cancelled my SELL BO (bracket order) because i didnt want to take any chance. Order shows cancelled on the Orders page and i was...
  15. desiwarrenbuffet

    Co-location case: CBI books stock broker & NSE, NIPFP, Sebi officials

    CBI has registered an FIR against a stock broker who allegedly manipulated the National Stock Exchange's (NSE) system for two years to get first access to markets when they opened. By manipulating the system, the accused would get access ahead of other brokers by some seconds, which was enough...
  16. T

    Regular vs Taxable bonds traded on NSE CM

    Hello ! What is the difference between a Regular bond and a Taxable bond which are traded on NSE ? https://www1.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/equities_stock_watch.htm?cat=SEC (Please note that the question is NOT regarding TAX FREE bond .... ) By which criteria, NSE...
  17. U

    please respond

    guys I started intraday trading with rs. 1.5 lakh and I've already lost 1.7 lakh and I'm left with only 43k. what to do, I feel like dying.....it's sooo frustrating. help me out guys.
  18. panjasandeep

    Algo Trading with Quantitative Forecast (Buy-Sell Signals)

    Lost everything in stock market with so called 'Sureshot' Market Tips providers? You are not alone. Almost every trader has undergone such painful experiences at some point of time. Think logically, if some advisory really knows how to make profit then they will not invest their valuable time...
  19. M

    Nse Equity EOD Data Bhav Copy Files From 1995 to 2017

    Dear All, I have Uploaded NSE Equity Bhav Copy (CSV Files) and Amibroker Database (Data Imported) in Google Drive. NSE Equity Bhav files Available from 01-Jan-1995 to 31-Dec-2017. Download Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mNN4NzVbVjAW1GUjDiyI6Om0qbU-CzWX (Available 4...
  20. P

    Large/Mid/small cap stock list

    Hi, Where we will get symbol list of large/mid/small cap stock list for NSE/BSE. Regards