Stocks and F&O Data on Excel?

15 minutes delayed NSE Stocks, Futures and Options data?

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I have seen some tools that feed data from Yahoo and Google to Excel. Or tools that have scraped data from NSE/BSE website or other sites.

But pretty much all these tools give data for Equities only. None have Futures and Options data. For F&O, pretty much the only options are expensive things like eSignal or Tickerplant - minimum Rs 5000 per month.

While Rs 5000/month is ok for some traders, for most of us it is not practical.

Secondly, most of us get the data onto Excel for analysis - P&L calculations, monitoring Stop Losses, and things like that. For these things, there are tools that download EOD data - because for the most part we look at this only EOD (possibly because the tools are there only for EOD). For trading purposes, anyway the brokers terminal offers real time data.

I wonder if there is interest for a tool that can give robust data for NSE Stocks, Futures and Options onto Excel sheet, but with 15 minutes delay.

You can use this data however you want on the excel sheet, it updates automatically, etc.

Do you find such a tool useful? How much would you be willing to pay for such a tool? Pls also indicate how you might like to use the data, or what formats you would like to see this data in - other than Excel RTD.

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