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    Technical Charts by Economic Times [Advanced, Real-time, Free]

    Economic Times now offers one of the most advanced & user-friendly Techncial Charts Checkout: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/technical-charts It offers: [1] Real-Time End of the Day and Intraday Data across all Stocks & Indices (NSE & BSE) [2] Multiple Chart Types (Candles...
  2. A

    Excel 2007 - Need help with conditional formatting

    Hi members, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to an excel sheet in excel 2007, but not successful. please help. 1. When column A says BUY to corresponding cell in column D should remain +ve number. 2. 1. When column A says SELL to corresponding cell in column D should...
  3. P

    What is a cover order

    Cover Order :thumb: Cover order is an instrument to attract more and more clients for trade. This order gives the client an exposure to trade with the ‘LIVE market existing price’ and a safety tool of ‘stop loss’ together. This is a very bright measure offered to the client that is mostly used...
  4. U

    New !!! Stock Analysis desktop tool for Mac and Windows

    A new stock analysis software compatible with both Mac and Windows is under development. Main features are... 1. Realtime, EOD Analysis 2. Market Watch 3. Backtesting with customized strategy 4. Offline Analysis 5. Technical Indicators 6. Customized strategy for Buy/Sell indicators...
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    NIFTY INDEX - % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity

    Hi All members, Like we can find the deliverable %age of a stock on nse website, how can we find the %age deliverable quantity of NSE Index and other Indices. I tried searching in and out the nse site and googled, but did not find anything. Please help. Thanks all...... profitable...
  6. L

    NSE TAME weekly charts missing data

    Hi I have been using NSE TAME for daily and weekly charts of FO data. The site is wonderful with no fee from the user though I cannot save previous settings. I noticed a strange issue or bug in weekly charts of FO scripts. The chart misses data of last Friday of the month into weekly...
  7. A

    How to begin trading on an indian exchange

    Is BSE auction or dealer market what about nse. How to place your first bid. Where do i find a good discount broker. Can i place orders online. Give me a screenshot. Any good software to analyse stock? :annoyed::clap:
  8. 1

    Industry - Sector - RSI

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have a new list of Industry - Sector classification for NSE. There had been a thread in the past. But that had been discontinued for sometime now. if anyone have made a new classification. Please do share your thoughts. And also if anyone have made any...
  9. L


    Hi friends Can any one suggest me whether any website or any one who provides SMS alerts of any stock which hits 52 WEEK HIGH & LOWS in NSE BSE to my mobile. Kindly PM me if any suggestions or reply me Kumar
  10. M

    Clean NSE EoD data provider

    Hi, I am quite new to NSE and would like to know if there are any data providers that provide "clean" NSE EOD data? Most of the NSE data I have is not cleaned and cleaning/maintaining takes a lot of effort, which I don't want to dedicate time to and would be happy to pay for. By "Clean"...
  11. C

    Do I have to get my accounts audited?

    I am writing to you to get a clarification regarding getting my accounts audited in regard to my stock trading. I am a software professional and I trade Intraday and take delivery of shares as well. 1. I only trade in equities on NSE (no options/futures or forex) 2. My profit+loss turnover...
  12. R

    Daily EOD stock Signals

    Hello Friends, I have developed a system which generates Buy sell Signals on EOD basis. It is purely based on Technical analysis. I have been seeing good success so far. So will update the daily trending stocks list here. I do not suggest any one to trade on these signals without proper...
  13. R

    Online Trading

    Hi All, i am new to trading industry, and want to start investing for making more money, and my friends suggest me to do trading online, with ReligareOnline. Can any one suggest?
  14. infor

    STOCK Signals, Counters Expected to show movement

    I am posting Fews stocks where according to my study some movement could be expected for sure. STOCK Close Signal Date of Signal Generation COALINDIA 282.55 Sell 10/11/13 CORPBANK 262.2 Buy 10/11/13 DELTACORP 71.05 Buy 10/11/13 DENABANK 49.75 Buy 10/11/13...
  15. M

    Please vote for NSE BSE free online charting

    I'm sure everyone knows or if you don't now you do. that www.tradingview.com is the best online charting platform in the world. Right now they have enormous amount of symbols available but no NSE BSE yet. And they will implement if they get enough people who want it. I know there are so...
  16. S

    New NSE site does not give historical info

    I am looking for historical data for specific NIFTY option chains I could get it as a graph as well as Data from NSE's earlier website. ( NSE's new websites is totally FUed with no link's to any of these info. facets. Instead it has marketing info about its products ) NOW NSE's old...
  17. S

    Hakija: New fixed version

    Hi guys, Recently NSE changed some URls for downloading index data. As a result, Hakija couldn't download Nifty and NSE 500 index data. I have made the required fixes. You can download the new version from here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sahil-github/Hakija.zip Regards, Sahil Gupta
  18. M

    Metastock - Merge Intraday with EOD?

    I saw that DataDownloader software offers options to download EOD and Google intraday data. Has anyone successfully merged Google Intraday with EOD data in one Symbol so that viewing different times frames (1min, 5 min, Hourly, Daily) in chart becomes convenient?
  19. D

    Historical Gainers

    Hi guys, This is my first post:) Can you point me to some place where I might get historical gainers (NSE)? in 15mins/30mins/1hr intervals? If its not like free bear :rolleyes: and any of you have this data which you give for few bucks pls let me know. Thanks!
  20. I

    NSE real time data to Metatrader4 or 5

    Can anyone tell me how can I connect NSE real time data to Metatrader 4 or 5 Which broker provide NSE cash stock symbols in MT4 ?