1. V

    Gujrat Election Poll

    Gujrat - polling is over Result will come by next week. Exit polls are out. Now? What you think?
  2. M

    EOD Data (BhavCopy) Downloader for Nseindia

    Dear All, I like to download Daily Bhav Copy file from nseindia website . I tried many free EOD Downloader. All its supported data download only from 2016. I want to download this Data from 1995 to 2017 (Current Date). I could download this manually from nseindia site. But...
  3. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
  4. kingsmasher1

    NOW trade terminal - Do you face any such issues?

    Hey Guys, This thread is to discuss issues you faced with NOW software, and recommendations if it is worth switching to NOW. To give some history: So, on Thursday 29th October 2017 there was an issue with Zerodha with their OMS and as a result lot of CO and BO orders weren't getting executed...
  5. M

    Diwali stock

    which will be the stock that will work good during diwali and that can be sold post Diwali?
  6. R

    URGENT help needed - Historical Unadjusted Price Data

    *Very urgent* please help. Can someone provide UNADJUSTED -- Bajaj-Auto price for July2002 and May 2003? If someone can share NSE's database which is unadjusted that would be a tremendous help.
  7. A

    Adjustment of Lot Size for Options

    Hello All, After lot of search, I found a document which says NSE revises lot size for option trade every 6 months. The document does not give any explanation on criteria. Can anyone explain the criteria followed by NSE? I am asking particularly because I saw the lot size for SUNPHARMA...
  8. A

    Feedback for slicedscripts

    hi all, I have started a new website and would like to receive feedback and what all I can improve for the betterment of my site http://slicedscripts.com/ I love to study and trade but i would rather consider myself to be an amateur. Arsh
  9. A

    Download Historical Data from NSE in Excel VBA

    Hello All, NSE has recently change the method of retrieving historical data from "GET" method to "POST" method. Hence, the historical data can no longer be downloaded by sending scrip code and date in the link. Based on various programs, I have tried to develop a VBA code which worked for me...
  10. pannet1

    Best NSE Index Options Brokerage Plan

    Hi, I got a little tired of finding an alternate broker from the one that I am using currently. So I want to create a Poll to find out what others are using and its easy to come to a conclusion. Please participate in the poll only if you are trading with that broker. Even if you have more than...
  11. S

    Trading going on on Saturday? Bizarre!

    Who can explain it to me why this trading activity goes on on weekends? Is this data coming from NSE servers? Not the first time I have noticed. Here's the link to the video and another video here
  12. C

    Limited Scrutiny Notice

    hi Friends, I've received limited scrutiny notice for AY 2015-16. I had filed losses for the year in FnO segment. While i'm NOT scared or panicking about this as I've done the filing through a good CA, just wanted to know if any of you have had gone through this experience before. do...
  13. L

    Currency Futures

    I just wrote this thread to know are there any trader who trades in currency futures.
  14. P

    Need Sectorwise All NSE current listed symbols

    Can anyone provide sectorwise all NSE currently listed Equity symbols in csv or Excel format? Checked on NSE. It is not offering such list of all securities. Thanks in advance....
  15. V

    As a beginner what should I do to start intra day trading or swing trading ?

    To be frank I am noob in this field [ Really a big noob, who knows nothing :( ] But before proceeding any further let me introduce myself :) I'm Souvik, a 20 yrs old from Kolkata. As of now I do nothing but play games, watch movies on my PC. So, I was thinking if I could be a trader, but most...
  16. A

    Quarterly Results: NSE stock futures

    Hi Members, I am starting a thread indicating the dates of Quarterly Results of NSE Stock Futures (only). please mention the dates of forthcoming quarterly results and related analysis. please feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions -Aman
  17. M

    What is the difference between investing same stocks in NSE and BSE

    BSE and NSE are the two stock exchanges in inda and in my idea have a similar stocks also. Then what is the difference between investing in NSE and BSE for same stocks. For example What is the difference between SBI stock in both NSE and BSE. A quick look at the SBI chart from NSE and BSE...
  18. J

    Anyone tried/infos about "LZO NSE" (real time broadcast data decompression library) ?

    Hi all, I have found the "LZO NSE" on http://www.oberhumer.com/products/lzo-nse/ I've tried to contact them but got still no answer. Has anyone experience or more knowledge about this library? Can I put in the whole NSE brodcast and get it decompressed? Thanks for infos & feedback Joe
  19. V


    Hi Friends, My name is Vipul Ramaiya, and I'm a CMT charterholder. My experience with the financial markets extends to 2005, when I first visited my friend who used to work with Sharekhan. Ever since, the markets have always fascinated me and I remain an eager student to learn all the time as...
  20. H

    Need ipo listing date of each companies

    senior members please help me. Is there any book or website where "ipo listing date" of each nse, bse companies are given. Or do I need to call each companies individually to know ipo listing date.