algo tading

  1. B

    Need code to connect to Sasonline API

    Hi I am looking for code to connect to SASonline API. Has anyone tried it?
  2. F

    Strange candles in options

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, i do option trading.. There are few questions I'm seeking about options but couldn't find i came here to find those questions.. So my questions are this way . Question 1) why does the indiavix show a very big candle at the 9:15, what is the reason...
  3. S

    Which broker provides most stable API?

    Hello, I had been searching for the answer to this question for very long but did not find any. People suggest which brokers offer free API. I am looking for the best API through your personal experience. Zerodha API is just too costly for me. I tried Finvasia but it is slow and they make...
  4. P

    Can accuracy be increased in algo trading from 40%?

    Hello All, I recently started algo trading using python with Zerodha. I tested multiple strategies and whenever I backtest any of these strategies I noticed that in a month the accuracy never goes above 42% to 44%. Are you able to achieve a better accuracy rate? My algo setup is simple: Go...
  5. Q

    Anatomy of a Momentum Strategy

    For the past couple of years, I have been trying to crack an ideal momentum strategy that would give the best risk/reward profile. I read a lot of books & research papers, conducted backtests, paper traded, as well as live traded. Below are my observations. How to measure momentum - Classically...
  6. T

    FYERS API Discussions

    FYERS API related queries and general discussion.
  7. S

    Which is the cheapest trading api

    I am looking for a cheapest trading api and came across zerodha, upstox and IB. Zerodha is 2000rs, upstox 650 and IB is free but it needs opening an account with more than 30k and also no support for margin. I am planning to invest less than ten thousand so IB is not in my radar now. Between...
  8. S

    Algo2Trade - Fully customized tool for strategies

    Dear fellow traders, I started writing my own code 6 months back, to develop and run my own strategies using automated mechanism via Zerodha APIs. The tool called as Alg2Trade Robot, is complete now and taking trades as per my strategy. While developing the code, I felt that there are so many...
  9. C

    Algo Trading Service Agreement Terms

    We would be launching an algotrading service where our algorithm will trade in the client account. We have used Zerodha and Upstox API to build this system and user will log in and there API daily keys are stored in database after which the system places orders and manages the trade without any...
  10. V

    orders not firing to trading platform

    hi everyone, I'm using Zerodha kite for trading and Amibroker for charts and after knowing about the algo tradind I subscribed to AutoTrader by I got an AFL from online searching and back-tested it and got very decent results in 15min chat of nifty and decided to use it for...
  11. D

    Assistance in share trading

    We are into share trading, but once in a while we come across a hitch and need assistance to solve the same. We need an experienced, dedicated, direct person on a paid basis to assist us on a more deeper level. For example like Algo Trading.
  12. R

    Slippage comparison

    Hello All, I am trying my hands on algo trading & using Amibroker as a software to generate buy/sell signals. I wanted to know if anyone out here has done any kind of slippage comparison between a discount & full fledged broker. I want to zero in on a broker with minimum slippage. As far as I...
  13. R

    Ticker symbol to use for nifty auto and other indexes for downloading data from Google

    I needed to download historical data from will. I have been able to successfully do that for stocks and also nifty index and also nifty FMCG., I'm not able to download data from nifty auto, nifty metal, nifty 150 and nifty 500 indexes. The ticker symbols cnxauto etc not seem to be recognised. I...
  14. M

    Need help on order palce and EOD

    I have AFL which have a target and stop loss. kindly help me … first trade should start with 1 quantity. frist trade should be start with 1 Quantity. 1 quantity should exit when stop loss or taarget hit and then the quntity should be again 1; if stop_loss or target is not hit then it quantity...
  15. sushant079

    FOC course on Machine Learning for Trading

    Hi guys, This online course should be useful for some of you advanced traders who are looking to upgrade their trading. This course is completely free of cost. Overview: Course title: Introduction to Machine Learning for Trading Time duration: 4 hours Format: Online with recorded videos...
  16. NJ23

    Upstox & Kite APIs

    Which one is better in terms of stability, latency, connection issues?
  17. D

    Fully automate Zerodha Pi

    Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi? Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi ? It says it could be done after approving strategy from exchange. But how? Do they provide new trading platform other than Pi ? Or it is there included in Pi ? If it included in...
  18. K

    Software programmer seeking help to learn Algo-Trading

    Hello Guys, I am hardcore programmer majorly worked in .net, c#, socket programming, cloud, MSSql and other core technologies. Having 20+ years experience in programming and developing software architecture, now i want to contribute to algo-trading with my development skills. Please...
  19. L

    Connectivity issues at Zerodha Kite

    Hello, I am considering Zerodha's Kite platform for trading. However, I found the following post at their forum regarding downtime: One of the quotes which concerned me is "You r charging for these Api so I...
  20. L

    Placing orders to Zerodha's Kite using C++

    I need help in figuring out how to place orders and do order management with Zerodha's Kite using C++. For the sake of argument, let us assume that I am using Global datafeed's C++ api for retrieving data and I have also written my own logic to generate trade orders along with profit target...