Ticker symbol to use for nifty auto and other indexes for downloading data from Google


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I needed to download historical data from will. I have been able to successfully do that for stocks and also nifty index and also nifty FMCG., I'm not able to download data from nifty auto, nifty metal, nifty 150 and nifty 500 indexes.

The ticker symbols cnxauto etc not seem to be recognised. I dug deeper and found that there are schemes for ticker symbols that I used. One is from Reuters and the other is from Bloomberg.I have tried them but none of them are working. Is there a list of indexes somewhere which will work with Google

If Google has other sectoral indexes information, like a FMCG as well as pharmaceuticals, I would be inclined to believe that it would be having information for auto , metals etc

Thank you for any inputs

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