Software programmer seeking help to learn Algo-Trading

Hello Guys,

I am hardcore programmer majorly worked in .net, c#, socket programming, cloud, MSSql and other core technologies.

Having 20+ years experience in programming and developing software architecture, now i want to contribute to algo-trading with my development skills.

Please help me out in how should i pursue my new endeavor in Automated Trading.

*PS: I have very little knowledge about stock market, but i know how to play with data and find/generate the patterns.

Thank you.


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Good wishes for your endeavor in Automated Trading :)

Could you please elaborate a bit, what exactly are you looking for, related to Automated Trading ? Are you looking for exact systems and methods, which would generate buy sell signals ? Or are you looking for the brokers and platforms etc. which supports Auto Trading in India ? Or you are looking for some learning material like books, blogs etc. ?

If you havent gone through it already, then I would suggest you spend some time at the specific section that we have for Auto Trading related threads -

Best Regards


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Hello Guys,

*PS: I have very little knowledge about stock market, but i know how to play with data and find/generate the patterns.

Thank you.
Just my 2 cents, I'd strongly suggest that you first get acquainted with the markets.
There is no all-purpose holy grail indicator/strategy that works for all segments.

1. You have to be clear where you start: Equity, F&O, Currency or Commodities.

2. Also, don't confuse HFT and Algo Trading (my assumption)

3. Then you need to figure, whether you're positional, intraday, swing etc
Algorithms can be used for many things.

Originally, Algo Trading was a term used by institutions for handling large orders without disrupting the flow.
What I think you might be inclined is more of automation, an offshoot of that is HFT, and many other variants.

4. Some implementations even require your code/strategies to be approved by the board like SEBI or Exchanges etc before going live.

5. On a lighter note, get acquainted with a Lawyer, some guys code went berserk and ended up DDos'ing the broker's Server. :D

PS: Read thru many teachings of great ppl on TJ, they have cited many examples of good Professionals in their field underestimating the markets. I've been there too :)

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