Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, i do option trading..
There are few questions I'm seeking about options but couldn't find anywhere..so i came here to find those questions..
So my questions are this way .
Question 1) why does the indiavix show a very big candle at the 9:15, what is the reason of that, while the s&p vix trades normally as the other stocks
Question 2) why do the few options show open low, and other all show some difference in open and low, while the underlying is still the same and have not moved much
Question 3) why do few options goes below 90% of the option price, for ex = yesterday an option was 550, today that same option made a low of 20.. and neither the underlying went so much low, neither the other option strikes behave differently, so what is the reason behind this.. is it possible to buy such cheap options at 20₹ price


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dig options section to find answers

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