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    What strategies do Algorithmic Traders use in an event like Brexit?

    Brexit was one of those rare phenomenons that traders will experience once in their lifetime. Following Brexit, the stocks crashed and the market is still feeling the heat. How did the Algos perform in Brexit? Did they outperform the manual ones?
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    Coding for Trade tiger using newly launched features

    Top ranked broker Sharekhan Ltd. just launched some new feature i.e. ored from excel and API for custom coding. I know everything about trade tiger but dont know coding. Have some strategies but unable to get it done using coding and API. Can anyone here help?
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    What are the steps for starting automated trading using Omnesys NEST PULSE

    Can any one share the steps to how to start automated trading using Omnesys NEST PULSE (consider broker as zerodha). is Omnesys NEST PULSE and Omnesys NEST PLUS are same? Do we need to install Omnesys NEST PULSE in VPS? which VPS you will recommend (preferably the cheapest)? Do we need linux...
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    Whats your opinion about Rizm algotrading and backtesting

    So i have been searching for an online back testing site and came across RIZM which offers back testing and algo trading for US markets. I have tried their algobuilder and its very nice and we dont need any kind of programming skills. Whats your opinion about this site?Is the backtest results...
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    In Algo trading, placed Orders can be retrieved and modified ?

    Say for example, My Algo placed an order in exchange with Some limit like, 100 as buy price , 98 as stoploss price, 102 as take profit price. And Now, algo found another pattern so it requires to change the take profit price or stop loss price. This retrieval of already placed order and...
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    What is drawdown and how it affects our trade and trading capital

    Can you tell me in a simpler words what is a drawdown which is calculated during backtest. How it affects our trading capital and trades. Does drawdown means percentage of loosing trades
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    Is any independent/retail trader uses algo trading here?

    I am reading about algo trading and I want to know whether an independent/retail trader can also do algo trading in india. What is the total amount (for broker fee, hardware fee etc) and materials(server, cpu etc) required to start an algo trading for such traders. I am guessing that in US...
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    MT4 Client Version ATS, Econimical

    Dear ALL, I got a 1st information IntraX is launching a New ATS, for MT4, any indicator, any expert adviser, will work on this system, so we can use all open source codes for this system, from mt4 trades will fire to nest, the testing is done, and the cost is around 1000...
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    Started Algo Trading - Daily Paper Trade updates

    I have signed up with Symphony for algo trading, its been almost 3 months now since I started with Symphony. All these 3 months, there were many modifications made to the algo and finally Symphony has coded my strategy last week. I have been given access to their paper trading environment, will...
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    Algorithmic trading using sharekhan

    I was wondering whether sharekhan provides some kind of C++ or Java API for me so that i can do algorithmic trading. If not, are there any other brokers who would offer this functionality?
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    Trade from Excel thru Zerodha Trader

    Hi all, Is there any way/tool to automate my trading, entry and exit from my system in MS Excel to my broking terminal Zerodha Trader. Hope I get some light on this idea from the Traderji experts Thank you