Slippage comparison

Hello All,

I am trying my hands on algo trading & using Amibroker as a software to generate buy/sell signals. I wanted to know if anyone out here has done any kind of slippage comparison between a discount & full fledged broker. I want to zero in on a broker with minimum slippage. As far as I understand, Slippages generally are to the tune of ~ 10Xbrokerage charges, hence diluting the advantage of discounted brokerage. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Thanks in advance !!
Rahul Jain


Animal Spirits !
slippages are the function of market microstructure of perticular SCRIP (i.e liquidity, news, price) hence are not subject to change broker to broker it comes from exchange itself. yes one thing which contributes to slippage is the brokers infrastructure, if it is slow you may have slippages in entries/exits as it depends on brokers risk management system before your order hits the market. but for SL it will be completely dependent on market as your SLs are wating (to be hit :p) in the exchanges orderbook. With discount broker you will pay for slippages but with full service broker you will have to pay brokerage+slippage.

hope this answers your query