Dear fellow traders,
I started writing my own code 6 months back, to develop and run my own strategies using automated mechanism via Zerodha APIs. The tool called as Alg2Trade Robot, is complete now and taking trades as per my strategy.

While developing the code, I felt that there are so many traders who need automation but cannot do so either because of knowledge, cost or some other reason. That was when I came up with the idea of helping others with Algo2Trade robot, but at a cost to cover for the effort I would take to automate your strategy.

The tool has nothing fancy, no graphs being displayed, no exhaustive reporting. But it does what its supposed to do. Here are the features:
1. Based on your strategy code is created grounds up via a .Net based, Windows platform tool
2. The tool logs into your Zerodha account every morning and waits for the signal as per your strategy
3. On detecting signal, it places the trade automatically along with SL and target as applicable
4. Waits for exit as per strategy logic and can reenter if you strategy needs
5. Supports NSE-EQ, NSE-FUT, MCX and CDS
6. Supports price action, price levels or candlestick based strategy
7. Supports all indicators available in Zerodha
8. Any timeframe is supported - even those not listed in Zerodha
9. Multiple timeframe is supported, e.g checking 15 minutes and taking trade based on 3 minutes
10. SL movement

While I would have loved to code simple strategies free for you, but this is not a platform like Ami or Meta that we can achieve a simple strategy with 5 lines of code using the inherent powerful functionality of the tool. Algo2Trade Robot needs me to write you strategy in .Net which involves creating of candles from tick, wiring code for indicators, interfacing with zerodha to take trades as per your strategy, manage the trade and other error handling situation to be coded grounds up for each strategy I code. While I am attempting to make it more of a platform than an application so that we can code simple strategies just by calling some features of the platform, that would be a long time.

I have also put up site with the services provided - algo2trade.com and anyone interested can go though.

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