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I tried both, the added columns are saved , but the gridlines are still not saved:)

Shift+G will do.But with other brokers by checking the Gridlines automatically
they will appear.


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It will be good if zerodha launch new plan or modify PLAN B with

It will be godd for small trader.
Bachhe ki jaan lega kya:D
Ab kya 2 rupiye me sara jungle kharid loge bhaiyya.
What server2712 has said is quite practical... Few brokers are giving 9 or 10 (even 5) rupees per lot scheme... as Zerodha wants to facilitate retail trading and has 1p/10p scheme for intraday/delivery in stocks, I would also suggest Zerodha to think over this matter...

touchraj16, is it necessary to buy a jungle to own it!!! :D
Have a query about running the s/w thru a android based phone. Is the s/w operational on all android based smartphones? or works only in specific feature enabled phones?
Dear Zerodha
can i trade with NSE NOW offline sofware because some other firm said that if i don't have NCFM license with me they are not going to give me offline facility i.e. i can't login and trade from my home in comfortable platform what is your's rule about this can i trade from home in NOW offline with Zerodha.
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